Mattifying Primer


Heather S.
Make up Line was originally made for Cemo patients so Its hypoallergenic and works well with many different brands and types of foundation

I wish they filled the container with more product... for $38 you get a little more than a half full bottle or tube with this product (same thing with their CC cream/ foundation)... the rest is compressed air... But considering that I have tried every primer or pore minimizer made and the result was always the same... my skin just looked angry... it was irritated and all broken out with cystic acne... granted not as bad as if I didn't use any sort of primer or buffer between my foundation and my skin... but close enough.. so if you are like me and have celiac disease and or hyper sensitive skin then I would recommend this product... cuz its the only one more or less on the market that gives you the same results as the standard silicone primers do only is oil, paraban and gluten free I hate how little u get with it... for the price... Chanel's Primer is only $7 more and they fill their bottles to the top...

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Lovelygirlcreations S.

good for acne, not for keeping me matte ): I'm still on the search for the perfect primer... it was very frustrating to find that this primer doesn't keep me matte and doesn't keep my foundation on well. it was super expensive and I don't recommend it for super oily skin.

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Nadia N.
Best primer

I finally found the primer for me!! Thank you cover fx! This definitely mattifies the skin without drying it out. My Ysl foundation glides on it like butter and helps me have gorgeous glow in the right places. What I love this primer doesn't feel siliconish and have salicylic acid which helps treat and prevent acne. Hearing that ingredient is music to my esthetician ears. If you have oily or combo and acne problems try this!!!

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Grace L.
Best. Primer.

I've tried a ton of different ways for my oily skin to take makeup and not be an oil slick by the end of my work day and this has finally solved the problem. Not only does this primer help my makeup stay longer, I don't get that crazy-greasy shine. My face stays matte for 8+ hours!

Also, I've noticed, even after just the first use, that it helps to clear up my skin. The Anti-Acne treatment is a total plus!

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Shelby A.
Definitely my new favorite primer!

I have an oily t-zone and acne prone skin. I have used many primers before and the only thing that comes close to this is the Smashbox one. This is my new favorite primer for the kind of skin I have. It goes on and makes my skin feel so amazing and soft. And it definitely does its job! My skin hasn't reacted adversely to it at all and I believe, in the short amount of time I have been using it, it is REALLY helping my skin out as it recovers from using MAC foundation.

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Ashley T.

I really liked this product. I got it as a sample size and used it underneath my foundation. It really my skin matte and not oily throughout the day. The only reason it's not 5 stars is because if you have it sitting and don't shake it first it can come out very oily.

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LaTonia W.

Not as a great of a product as I had anticipated per the reviews. This is yet another product that leaves a white crumb like residue all over my face.

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Bonnie R.
Best primer I have ever used.

I have very oily, acne-prone skin. I've tried all different kinds of primers from many different lines, and this is the first one that not only controls the oil for a good 6 to 8 hours (instead of being an oil slick I'm just "dewy"), but my pores and skin texture have improved.

This primer disappears into the skin and doesn't feel heavy or mask-like at all. It holds my foundation beautifully, and never feels dry, either

As others have mentioned, my only complaint is that the tubes do feel half fill, and it is on the pricey side. That said, it works. It is the first primer I've ever bought a second time.

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Lori P.
Good for the cost

I was using MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment but I have been switching over to all vegan products. This is also cheaper - $16 for 15 ml versus $21 for 15 ml. It's not quite as good as MAC but pretty close. I'm happy with it and will keep using it.

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Sophie X.

This primer is honestly the best one out there. It keeps your makeup on for the whole day and feels lightweight. The only problem is that there is no pump so more of the product than you need comes out, therefore wasting it.

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