Color Club

Professional Nail Lacquer


Misty T.

this is THE most FANTASTIC shade of hot pink that ever was!! it is SO effin PERFECT!! it's super bright and glossy and it lasts a really long time!! I'm a medical assistant so I work withy hands a lot and I wash them a lot too. so for me to really like a polish THIS much says a LOT!! u should mos def try it!! ^_~. ????

Lillianette G.

I really love there colors. They have so many neon colors which I adore! I always buy Color Club in Harmon's in NJ very affordable price instead from their website. Also it dries quickly ++!! I've been putting at least 2-3 coats

Megan U.

Color Club has a lot of good colors with nice formulation. It's obviously not as nice as OPI or China Glaze, but I will definitely continue to buy bottles of Color Club. You can even usually find them at TJ Maxx or Ross. I have several bottles of Color Club, but by far my favorite is Age of Aquarius, which is a nice green that is light and pastel, but not quite mint. It really is beautiful.

Mercedes D.

I have the purple one and it's a great polish. It dries pretty fast - wish I adore - so all I have to worry about is waiting for the top coat to dry once I apply it. The nail polish stays on for a decent amount of time, as well.

Ellen marley Y.
It's ok..

The colors are great...such a wide range. Theyre some what of sheer polishes so it takes a few coats. But the worst thing is that it dried up extremely quick, im not sure if it was something that i did wrong but i was very disappointed but its totally worth it for the color because theyre not that expensive.

Kalynn K.
Not Sure?

I received a mini color club polish in my birchbox in the color Blue-Ming. It's a beautiful blue-green polish, but when I first applied the first layer, it came out quite streaky. On the second layer, it wasn't as streaky. Luckily, the color was very opaque so I dind't haven't to worry about the streaky-ness peeking through. I am not sure if it is just the color I have, but this is the only color club polish I own :)

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Cathy B.
Love the polish!

It goes on smoothly and always hides the blemishes on my nails perfectly with 1 coat.. although 2 coats is always better. It does not get thicken fast and is very affordable if bought in sets.

Myrna P.
Age of the Aquarius
Photo of product included with review by Myrna P.

I love the nail polish. I received a mini version of "Age of the Aquarius": Go figure that I am an Aquarius to begin with. I would recommend this product most definitely. This usually cost around $8.00. This is a great color as well. Used it for St. Patricks Day.

Victoria R.
Great value for money!

I love colour club nail polish! They are great value for your money and I have so many. The sets they come in also make great gifts (though I have bought a few for my self hehe) My colour club polishes are definitely frequently used by me and my friends (Poptastic is used every single time they are over). The pigmentation is great and two coats is usually fully opaque. The formula is usually pretty good too and is never too thick or too thin.