Shellac Color


Solvakia L.

I really enjoyed wearing the Shellac nail polish. The color lasted forever. It never lost its shine. However, the problem came when it was time to take the color off. The removal of the polish was damaging to my natural nails. The nail technician had to loosen it off my nails with alcohol, then scrape it off a scraper. I loved the longevity of the nail color but the removal process made me not want to try this polish again.

Lakayla  N.

I stopped getting fake nails since they were ruining my real nails. However, regular nail polish always seems to start chipping on the 1st day!!!. So I decided to try CND Shellac on my nails and I haven't used anything else since. I love the different colors and how it last suppppeeerrr long. It always has the beautiful shine on it even after 12 days. If you'd like a beautiful, chip-free, reliable.....FLAWLESS manicure, get CND Shellac!!

I absolutely love it!

Hannah W.
Brilliant on acrylic nails

I love Shellac! I have it on my acrylic nails and it would last forever no chipping. However my mother has it on her natural nails and I can say it doesn't last 14 days she always has a little chip or lifting but then again she does house work so not everything can be avoided! But 10/10 for this product!!!

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Hannah O.
I love love love this product, delivers what it promises looks fabulous!

Since first discovering Shellac I have not been able to go without it on my nails! Great alternative to acrylics! It looks and feels great. No chips or cracks. It self settles so is very easy to apply. I am in love with this product!

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Sarah T.

I adore CND Shellac. I cringe remember my life before I was introduced to this miracle. I have always had VERY brittle and flaky nails, nothing would help, no cuticle creams, glass nail files, or strengthening polishes, NOTHING). I never had nails of any kind of length because they would always break off. That was until Shellac came into my life. My nails are getting stronger, don't flake, and always protected by this easy to apply and natural looking gel polish.

While most people will talk about the ease of use, and quick drying time, honestly, the #1 thing I love about Shellac is the protection it gives my nails on a daily basis. These things are like Wonder Woman now, I can do anything without fearing that I will break a nail (as corny as it sounds!).

I especially adore how I am not limited to the CND colors, in fact, most of the time I use "Clearly Pink" and then paint over the top coat with any number of my regular nail polish colors, even apply Martha Stewart Glitter for some super sparkly nails occasionally!

CND Shellac is my all time favorite nail product/system. I could not recommend it more. Love Love Love.

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Nicole T.

I absolutely love the cnd shellac! so easy to apply and so quick to set! i love how you can apply a colour on top of a different colour to create a whole new colour. I love how it cures in minutes!!! and you can still do all the fun things with it like regular polish! the only complaint i have with this product is that they dont have enough colours to choose from!

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Worth it! Long lasting!
Photo of product included with review by STEFY  V.

Still wearing my CND Shellac polish in the color Fedora (a beautiful deep brown)! Said to last's true!! CND Shellac is perfect for college students like me when you can't do your nails during midterm & finals seasons! (: This is Day 13 from the Beauty Social...withstood the 14day guarantee! See!! >>

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Katorra L.
Major time saver

I have not worn synthetic nails in 3 yrs. The damage they caused took over to years to repair it self. I am also a Licensed Esthetician now and can not wear my nails long for client safety and sanitation reasons. I found my self having to repolish my nails every 3-4 days which was very time consuming. I have a pet peeve about ragedy finger and toe nails so once it chips it must be redone. I am on my 3rd application of shellac nail color and nothing else will ever do. I am also a Make-up Artist so my hands are constantly on display and shellac does not come off until I go to the salon to have it removed. If I break a nail I simply file the ruff edges and keep it moving along. Not to mention the added stregth to my natural nail, because of how hard shellac drys.

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Jenna N.

I LOVE Shellac. It's amazing!!! Pros: 1- As soon as the session is over your nails are completely dry!!! How awesome is that? 2-They have a pretty wide variety of colors 3- It stays on for about 2 weeks!!! 4-Your nails are soooooo smooth 5- If you do someone else's nails regular nail polish won't take off YOUR color

Cons: 1 -You should never peel it off - it will take off your nail bed 2- You cannot take it off with regular nail polish - they need to be soaked in acetone nail polish remover 3- unless you have a UV light you have to get Shellac done in a salon

But MAN! I love it! :D

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Photo of product included with review by STEFY  V.

Mine's the CND Shellac in Fedora! (; (in the picture, I'm also wearing their Effects I think in the color Gold Shimmer, which turned to a turquoise color over the Fedora color.)

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