Not only is this great b/c its by CND, but it's a really fun touch to add to any nail polish color. The color is different on different polish colors so it's always kind of a surprise! (: Did I mention its by CND?! That means its great quality, long lasting, and simply amazing (:

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Ashley C.
Think of these like Magic color changing polishes!

I had the pleasure of purchasing a BUNCH of these during a clearance sale at a cosmetology school! I know CND for there shellac, so i had to purchase them! These are awesome! If you have a weird line, smear or chip add this on top and not only will it smooth out your "problem" area where the nail polish did do what we wanted it to (always happens) it will change the color of your polish depending on what effects you choose.

Example: I painted my nails a bright vivid red and added a Raspberry sparkle effects which basically had magenta & blue glitter in it and my nail polish was no longer red but a gorgeous bright magenta pink. Magic.. yes! i use a Blue Sparkle effect to make any nail polish look cool & winter like! They dry fairly quickly and although it is another layer to add, it lasts for a few days. I personally have oil nail beds so my nail polishes usually only last 2 days unless its shellac then its (1-2 weeks) I recommend trying these out atleast once to experience the excitement!

Krystal C.
Pairing Colour & Effects can expand your collection without breaking the bank :)
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

A couple months ago I discovered CND (Creative Nail Designs) from a random nail polish internet search. I began reading up on the company and was really interested in trying them out.

The thing I love about CND's Colour and Effect polishes, is the customization and individuality it promotes. Instead of browsing through lines searching for the type of color and finish that attracts you the most, you can choose your own shades and how you want the finish to look. I have enjoyed sporting the same colors with different effects to create completely different styles to match my moods or events.

I have paired 3 different CND Colours with 3 different CND Effects to show (on my blog) just how diverse your nails and creativity can be with just a few polishes. This is particularly great for people who are not huge polish collectors, but from time to time enjoy a little color or even sparkle. You only need a few polishes to create your own shades!

These combinations are fantastic to play with and create your own nail fashions. Photos of combinations can be found on my blog:

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