Carmen P.
Great quality polish
Photo of product included with review by Carmen P.

I won a set of Jason Wu CND set a few months ago and I am just getting around to taking pictures and reviewing now even though I have wore them quite a few times. It was my first time trying the brans and I really like the opacity and quality of these polishes. The go on smoothly and without strikes even with just one coat. I like using them with the special effect polish that came in the set or with a regular top coat. The picture is of the Brigitte with the Anna Effect top coat.

Miss Manny S.
I didn't know I could love a nail polish so much

This is truly one of those products that epitomizes what high quality is. I never really thought too much about nail polishes before this and I considered them all pretty similar. CND DEFINITELY stands out in the crowd though. I'm probably one of the roughest people on my nails and have never found anything that would last more that 2 or 3 days without chipping. I tried this on with no base coat and no top coat, and I didn't have a single chip after a week.

As far as the formula goes, it's a bit thick, but SOOO creamy. You really don't need more than one coat for these. I got a perfectly opaque layer after one application, it leveled itself out SO well that I didn't have to keep going over it to cover any streaky spots, and the brush layer everything down FLAWLESSLY. I do wish there were even more shades than they have now, but I'm in no rush because I've seen too many companies that rush to put out more product and end up sacrificing quality. Overall, this is absolutely amazing and I'll probably have to track down every single shade there is because I'm so addicted.

Solessence N.
50 Colours + 15 Effects = over 900 looks!
Photo of product included with review by Solessence N.

This is the stuff that makes Fashion Week. CND has been at FW for 30 seasons as of 2011, and you can use the same nail lacquer they use backstage. Beautifully pigmented, glossy, dries quickly. They also have chromes (silver pictured). It's all about color theory, baby.

Lani J.
My new favorite!!
Photo of product included with review by Lani J.

I absolutely am in LOVE with CND!! I was able to purchase several of these at a local nail supply store that is sadly closing down after 25 years. :( I noticed that the brush was a little wider than the usual brushes so I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did! These polishes are AMAZING! I've tried other brands with wider brushes such as Rimmel, but the brush on these are excellent quality so it distributes the polish evenly on the nail. It makes application that much easier and faster. I also love how they provide the undertone and finish on the bottom label (i.e. Cool, Opaque or Neutral, Sheer), something I haven't seen with other brands. It helps a lot in picking out colors that would suit your skintone best. I love how opaque these are, I have never needed more than 2 coats for any of these and with 1 coat it is already close to true-to-bottle color. I am so happy that I was able to purchase these, they are my new favorite brand of polish! ;)

*I used Wet N' Wild's Party of 5 Glitters with CND's Plumville

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Krystal C.
Pairing Colour & Effects can expand your collection without breaking the bank :)
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

A couple months ago I discovered CND (Creative Nail Designs) from a random nail polish internet search. I began reading up on the company and was really interested in trying them out.

The thing I love about CND's Colour and Effect polishes, is the customization and individuality it promotes. Instead of browsing through lines searching for the type of color and finish that attracts you the most, you can choose your own shades and how you want the finish to look. I have enjoyed sporting the same colors with different effects to create completely different styles to match my moods or events.

I have paired 3 different CND Colours with 3 different CND Effects to show (on my blog) just how diverse your nails and creativity can be with just a few polishes. This is particularly great for people who are not huge polish collectors, but from time to time enjoy a little color or even sparkle. You only need a few polishes to create your own shades!

These combinations are fantastic to play with and create your own nail fashions. Photos of combinations can be found on my blog:

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