Superfine Liner for Brows


Nancy-Lee C.

I had my brows tattooed on October 2010, so you would think that I don't really have a need for brow pencil but when I go out at night, they look slightly undone without a tiny amount of 'cosmetic shading'.

What I like about this pencil is, that it is truly the first pencil that I have used that allows you to create real looking hairs instead of simply shading in the entire area. I like the thin pencil, it is about 1/2 the thickness of traditional eye/lip liner pencils. With Clinique's Brow Shaper, my oily skin always transferred greasy back to the powder cake and I ended up with these solidified veins of oil-soaked powder that became unusable. Not an issue with this super fine applicator. This product lasts all day - even on my oily skin.

I wish you could see how much product is remaining. That's my only real complaint. At $13 this is an absolute rebuy! A coveted 5 star product! xoxo

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Zelie P.
love it

I have almost invisible eyebrows when I don't draw them in. They are super light, and even when I dye them they need some filling in. Over the years I have tried a lot of eyebrow pencils, and this is my favorite. I love how fine it is, which lets me draw really fine lines, and I also love how the shades don't have a reddish tint. A lot of eyebrow pencils seem too reddish for my skin/hair color, and I'd rather have an ashy color, which this is great for.

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Lisa May L.

This is my absolute favorite all time brow liner!! I can't stress enough about how great this product is. I've tried about 5 different liners and I seriously fell in love once I used this. It's not a harsh color and if I wanted to go soft with my brows, I can easily just use a light hand and it can fulfill my every need! I bought about 5 of these cause I'm crazy and I'm definitely very much in love with how brows are shaped. People compliment me on how my brows look & in photos, it looks pretty natural. You can go intense and soft with this liner which is why I love it so much!!

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Sonya H.
Looks natural

I like this because it doesn't have a red tint to it at all, so it looks more natural. The fine point also helps to get each hair, using short strokes. This is a favorite of mine.