Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream


Becca B.
I will use this until I die... or they stop selling it

I couldn't even put into words how much this product has changed my life. I used to have really badly burst capillaries on my face, under my eyes, on my cheek bones and across my nose. After using this product for about 3 weeks, I no longer need to wear foundation when I go outside to face the world. I don't know how it works, but it leaves my skin completely devoid of blotchy red patches, feeling soft, rejuvenated and moisturized! Its a wonder product. I would recommend this to anyone who needed to get rid of any redness in their face. This baby is staying in my bag forever!

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Myrna P.

I bought this last weekend and decided to use it for a week before reviewing. I have sensitive skin and usually around my eyes in regards to my face. I love it. There are no words for how great this product is. I was skeptical because of the price but it is worth every penny and you don't have to use too much. Also usually after I wash my face is gets a bit red and this tones it down a lot.

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Laura H.
Relief cream for redness. Instant relief for occasional or daily flairups.

This product is very versatile. Clinique designed their Redness Solutions line based on the growing need for skincare for those that have redness, sensitivity, and even Rosacea. This relief cream is gentle enough that those with Rosacea or high sensitivities can use it on a daily basis to hydrate there skin without the fear of flareups. I also recommend this to people who experience flareups on an occasional or daily basis to give them relief. This relief cream calms and soothes aggravated skin very quickly and can be used for that purpose alone or as a daily hydrator. This is a holy grail item for sensitive skin, especially those with Rosacea. I have a few flareups a month caused by stress and this cream gives instant relief. It is not designed to get rid of redness but rather relieve the pain or sensitivity caused by that redness. With that in mind I believe it is a wonderful product.

Laurys L.

I finished it last week, didn't see much changes on my face. But it didn't get worst either. It's gentle, unseated and feels cool and fresh when applying. I have some red blemishes and I like gentle creams. Do not expect a miracle. The price is not to bad for the product. I will repurchase it.

Rebecca W.
Very good moisturizer but ok on the redness soution

Been using this cream for some weeks now and the redness have improved a bit, but not much. I struggle with very red skin on the chin part and this cream have helped a bit. But because of the price i would not recomend it to others because it did not help that much.