Brush-On Cream Liner


Heather S.
My fav eyeliner

This is my all time favourite eyeliner. I went through many a liquid liner, pencil and creams and many days of creased eyelids before finally finding Clinique's Brush-On Cream liner. It's easy to apply and goes on smooth, and it stays true all day! I love to go for a pin-up look and so a thick, sharp black line is important and this liner does the trick every time. I recommend it to everyone I know.

Kirsty B.
the best

i have tryed a few other high end gel liners and nothing has compared to this, it last all day with minimal melt the color is insane. even after using it for around 6 months i still have alot left and it has not dryed out at all the liner dryes very quickly so any mistakes need to be fixed quick or your stuck with it all day, it works great on the waterline and tightline. i like to simply line my top waterline and use white on the bottom some days and the white doesnt turn grey if you wait a few seconds befor applying it

Taylor M.
Soooo much better than MAC Fluidline

this is my favorite eyeliner! I love gel liner and have tried pretty much everything from Bobbi Brown to Maybelline. Clinique's Brush On Cream Liner is my favorite! I also really appreciated that it came with a brush. I don't use it lol but it was still a nice touch!

Rebecca L.
Worth the $$$

One pot of this eyeliner lasts me for a VERY long time. The texture is never compromised over time. It's very creamy and smooth, creating a stress-free application. (And I have more of those "I can't believe I got my eyeliner perfect in one try!" days with this product.)

When applied, this eyeliner lasts me all day. I've fallen asleep with it on before, and have woken up with it seemingly unchanged.

I suggest using this product with an angled eyeliner brush, as opposed to the one it comes with. That tiny little thing is very ineffective.

Nikki Z.

I love these liners! They are sooooo creamy and pigmented beyond belief and they are some of the best products I have found to act as bases for shadows (I have oily eyelids) and these are some of the best things to put down to prevent creasing. I dig them soooo much I want every color lol

Sunita C.

I use it everyday , lasts all day , no smudges !! Why I love this product so much right now is ...the temperature here is 40 to 43 degree Celsius and dead humid .. I use it on my upper waterline and trust me doesn't move at all

Victoria L.
Lasts All Day

This liner is great to achieve the perfect eye, although I would suggest investing in an eyeliner brush as the brush enclosed is too small and fiddly. This provides a 24 hour stay and will not smear.

True Black

Michelle G.

I love this stuff. I use it almost everyday. It goes on easy and stays all day. It doesn't dry and peel off. And the color stays on and doesn't fade. I just really love it. the only thing I can say is try it for yourself. I'm sure you will love it yourself.

Christina T.
Creamy gel liner that stays put all day long
Photo of product included with review by Christina T.

I agree with Natasha K. since the Clinique gel liner is not thick or dry at all. I've had it for almost a year and the product is still fresh like the first day I bought it. I use my Laura Mercier Flat Eyeliner Brush ( to tightline my eyes and it hasn't failed me since! I learned from my first gel liner that if you're not using the product, close the top or else you'll dry it on out. I've tried taking off the liner with makeup remover wipes but they just don't cut it. I need to use a eye makeup remover to get rid of it all (which means this stuff really stays on your eyes all day long). A great gel liner that will last you a long time and give you perfectly lined eyes!

Carla M.

I haven´t tried many cream liners but i sure do like it because it stays on all day long and it´s really last a long time well it depends how often u use it . I don´t think it´s waterresisten product but it stays really well.