Bottom Lash Mascara

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Mari W.
Great for what it does

The bristle brush is so incredibly small that it deposits mascara on the tiniest lashes without clumping. It also works well in my innermost corner of my top lash. The product leans toward the “wet” side but gives good coverage from the first use. The product did not flake. A baby wipe easily removed the product at the end of the day. I also like that Clinique priced it lower than the other mascaras of the line at $10. I doubt I would have been keen on purchasing mascara solely for my lower lash line at $15 or beyond. It’s a small tube but there is enough product for 90 days supply. Though Clinique made a point of selling black and brown versions, I’m surprised there is no waterproof version of this mascara. Though I almost never personally use waterproof mascara, there is a definite need in the market for one. I hope Clinique expands the line to include a waterproof formula soon.

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Luna V.
Photo of product included with review by Luna V.

I had heard so much about this product that there was no way I couldn't buy it. I normally wear mascara on my lower lashes and cannot tell you how many times I feel a good look has been ruined by smudged mascara or clumped lower lashes.

First, let me admit that I held off on buying this for a very long time because the promo picture confused me. It looked to me like the wand had a strange little attachment that looked like falsies and I had no clue how I would use that. Sorry, sometimes I think the peroxide has seeped into my brain. When I went to Sephora in search of mascaras, I noticed that no! The wand does NOT have a crazy lash-attachment! It's just super-small. The brush itself is shaped like a cone, very small on the tip and growing slightly wider at the base, perfect for getting to those tiny corner lashes and really popping those middle lashes!

The formula, like other Clinique mascaras, goes on smooth, does not budge, and removes with only slight coaxing. I remove my makeup with jojoba oil and need to focus a little more on my lashes to get everything off (and still sometimes wake up with a teensie bit of smudge under my eyes), but for the most part it's no problem.

The ONLY reason I take off half a star is because it's still very possible to smudge during application. Once it's on, it's on and won't budge, but if your hand is a bit shaky or you aren't paying any attention whatsoever, it can smear.

I will totally be buying this again, since I don't feel the $10 price tag is extravagant in the least. It does what it promises, and I absolutely love it. Not to mention, it's simply adorable!

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Shelley W.
Perfection in a Tube

I decided to try this out as it was only $10 bucks and my regular mascara on my bottom lashes just does not work out....smudge central. The first go around I chose black/brown which barely showed up on my lashes. Exchanged it for black and the real magic appeared. My lashes pop. Added volume with just a dash of length. It really brightens up my eyes. I definitely see myself being a repeat buyer on this product.

Raisa J.
Love love love it

Okay. I barely have any lashes and there is something I just love about having doll like lashes. THIS paired w the Dior Lash Priming Serum (I am pretty sure that isn't the right name for that) and forget it, looks amazing. Also I use this to get the little top lashes at the very corners of my eyes to help give them some life as well! Doesn't dry up fast and there is no weird smell to it. I am a contact wearer and this doesn't bother my eyes nor does it flake.

Jaime C.

So genius, I don't know why I haven't seen more of these little beauties. The brush is so small, it's so easy to get into the outer corners of my bottom lashes, and there is literally NO clumping involved whatsoever. Cute floral prints on the packaging. Will definitely be repurchasing.

Kristen W.
Gem of a product
Photo of product included with review by Kristen W.

I bought this in a set with another mascara just so I could get the Clinique gift. I was not expecting to love this product as much as I do. It makes a huge difference in the appearance of bottom lashes. The brush is the perfect size and the product does not clump. It is amazing!

Photo of product included with review by STEFY  V.

This product is fabulous. I received this last month from The Beauty Social in my VIP bag, and have been using it ever since. It literally gets the perfect amount of mascara on your bottom lashes. It separates every lash splendidly and even creates natural-looking longer lashes. Side note: Because I liked the natural yet fab look it gave my lower lashes, I figured why not try it on the top lashes as well?! Since it's such a tiny brush meant for the precision of coating the lower lashes, it's obviously not going to give you the same coat effect on the top lashes as a normal mascara would, but after tediously attempting to see what would happen anyways, I did find it gave length. Overall a really subtle look I'd probably try again if I wanted just a little something extra on my lashes but for a very minimal extremely natural look. Hope that made some sense! (: (picture: left w/clinque on top & bottom lashes, on the right without.)

Violet D.

B-E-AUTIFUL haha this little sucker does magoc.just tried it 2day at a clinique counter and loved it.i will be stocking up on it as soon as i can highly recommend it u guys!!!

Julie R.

amazing for people with long bottom lashes! the tiny brush is great at preventing smudges under the eyes while applying! it is super waterproof as well and lasts forever!!! (its even hard to get off with makeup remover!)

Samantha G.
where was this when i first started with make up?

i have a small amout of short bottom lashes. anytime a mascara brush touches them, product ends up all over my skin. for a long time, i didn't bother with mascara on my lower lashes at all but once i heard about this product, i knew my issues were over. i made a trip to sephora special to get this little guy and now i'm not real sure how ive managed without it. the brush is TINY and grabs all of my lashes, coating them evenly with a smudgeproof formula. this never flakes or melts down my face but is still easy to take off at the end of the day. i'll always buy this!