All About Eyes


Karen Y.

I like this cruelty-free eye cream a lot, because it is very lightweight and I instantly notice a moisturizing effect when I apply it to my undereyes. It softens my fine lines to the point that I can see them disappear soon after application, and the cream feels really soothing to the skin. I pat it all around my eyes: below the eyes, at the eye corners, and on the lids. It's a great cream for sensitive skin not just because it's allergy-tested, but it is also non-irritating to the eyes. I don't feel any stinging or burning sensation with this eye cream even when I get really close to the eyes.

Note that this eye cream is allergy tested, 100% fragrance free, and ophthalmologist tested. It is suitable for ALL skin types,and it contains no parabens.

My only complaint is that I don't see much difference in my undereye shadows (I don't expect it to but the product shouldn't claim to diminish shadows!) As for puffiness, it temporarily relieves it, and you will need to apply twice a day (as the product recommends) for the best results. I usually apply very generously before bed and only a little in the morning under my concealer and foundation.

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Natalie C.
Pretty Decent Eye Creme

Like many products, I like it, but I'm not in love with it. I enjoy the texture of this gel/creme because it works well under makeup. My problem is that I have dark undereye circles, and it doesn't really do much for that. It gets rid of puffiness nicely though, especially since I leave it in the fridge, so it's nice and cold on my eyes. As for lines or wrinkles, I don't have any, so I can't say it works wonders on lines or crows feet.

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Kimberly T.
Worth the money!

This eye cream is great! I had a sample and purchased when I ran out! It makes my eye area feel so silky smooth -- other eye creams I have tried do not compare!

Mia t.

I have extremely sensitive skin and the Clinique products seem to be the only ones to actually do some good for my skin. I was using another product for my eyes from Clarains that my mom bought me, but it was more like a gel and I needed something more moisturizing. So when I ran out of the Clarains one I bought this all about eyes and as always Clinique doesn't let me down! The puffiness around my eyes decreased a lot and my dark circles are a lot less dark now! Definitely recomend it!

Marie I.
Clinique's all about eyes cream is great. i noticed a decrease in the puffiness around my eyes when i used this product

I got a sample of this from sephora and this really impressed me when i grabbed it to try helping my eyes look less swollen from crying one night. i dont usually use eye cream because i was never sure how it would help but since i was expecting swollen eyes in the morning and this product said it helped with puffiness, i wanted to see if it would help in the morning. when i used it in the morning, i noticed my eyes were less swollen quicker and less puffy throughout the day in general. it was very moisturizing for the eye area as well. i used it again on a normal day, and my eyes were less puffy and less darker in the under eye area. they looked nicer to me :D so i would say it worked great! I wanted more but i just need to save up to buy this because i have to cut back on expenses (college expenses are rough on the wallet :/) but i would definitely like to use this.

Myrna P.

I bought this last weekend along with the Redness Relief and these are two items I will keep at all times. I never really deal with puffy eyes but lately staying up late doing homework, I have noticed the puffiness in the mornings. I have noticed that the lines around my eyes are not as noticeable and definitely has improved the puffiness. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Hannah S.
Very nice

I really like this product because it's very rich and creamy, it really feels like it is moisturising the eye area and it has a cooling effect I think. I don't have dark or puffy eyes so i'm not really sure how well it works but I would repurchase just for the moisturising aspect of it

Michelle D.

Crazy about this! I used to have really bad bags under my eyes, and after I threw this into my skin care routine, the bag diminished drastically. It's very light, and you only need a little bit. Use it everyday and the bags are gone.

Nancy-Lee C.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I use it during spring / summer. It is sooo lightweight, does not run (I have oily eye lids), absolutely no fragrance. This is made from a cream-gel formula - not thick like a cream but not sticky like a gel, just delicious. It works immediately, the results are lasting and my eye makeup stay truer longer.

You use such a small amount on your orbital bone, this jar lasts me 5 months (then I use samples for a month and buy the Rich version for winter!)

Bebe E.

I like this eye cream, well it's the only eye cream that I've ever tried! It works pretty well at depuffing my bags and making my dark circle appear a little lighter. But I think when I am done with this product I would be looking to try out other eye cream.