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Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch


Arie W.

I love this product! I've never used it just as a base, but I love mixing it with foundation. It turns liquid foundation into a mousse consistency and it goes on nice and smooth. It's also great to mix with those thick foundations in pallets to stretch them.

Rachele A.
Quick pore filler

Very good primer, works well and really smooths your face and gets you ready for foundation. It is around $30-40 (can't remember), but it doesn't take a lot to cover the necessary areas. Not oily - more like a hard cream (?) Worth buying and will be purchasing again!

Maria Y.

I mostly use this as base and if i some pores to fill them out as well. And after using this you can already see, that it covers yout pores and make them vanish. Great product, but it is a bit costly when you think about how mush you actually get. But the most important thing works!