Cinema Secrets

Professional Brush Cleaner


Marjonelle M.

The best brush cleaner I've ever used.. Keep my brush soft and clean.. and smells amazing! Helps my client relax while i put their makeup on. It does a wonderful job cleaning the brushes. And a little goes a long way.

Bre D.

This works great! Unfortunately, the 2oz spray bottle is absolute garbage. With every spray of this stuff, liquid comes cascading out from under the nozzle, all over my hand. The scent can also be a bit much, as others have stated. I'm not usually too sensitive to scents, but this one got to me a little bit. It smells great at first, but the scent lingers and kind of starts to give me a headache. BUT, as I said, it does work very well. Just make sure to use it in a well-ventilated area and maybe get a regular, non-spray bottle of it instead.

Janel B.
Good, but the scent is overpowering

I can see why this brush cleaner is "the most requested makeup brush cleaner on the market", with one spritz on a dirty MAC 217, I saw product move off of my brush on contact with the the cleaner. However most of concern comes with the scent. While it does say "vanilla scent", it's comes off as a strong industrial vanilla that gives me a headache when I'm spot cleaning several brushes at once. This is the reason why I docked one and a half stars. Won't purchase again, but if you can stand the scent by all means try it.

Kristina C.

While this product does do an excellent job of cleaning brushes, I find it extremely damaging to the fibers.After a few uses with this product, the fibers on my brushes, broke,split and even frayed(this includes my expensive MAC brushes). Keeping in mind that we should care for our brushes the way we do our hair, the only way I can justify using this product is when I'm working a fashion show, or bridal party(where I have lots of faces to do in short time). Otherwise after a few uses with my brushes, I shampoo and Condition them, then set them to dry flat.