China Glaze

Crackle Collection


Megan N.
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absolutely love love this nail polish. it so much fun and i've been completely obsessed with it. this nail polish just adds a little more character and spice to the typical nail polish. it comes in more than one color so there should be one to fit anyone's personality

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Mindy N.
Love this fun nail polish

This nail polish is soo fun.. It comes in different color so you can choose which two colors to mix and match. Just have to make sure that the first color you put on your nails is completely dry before adding the cracked glaze.

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Amanda A.
Super Fun!

I got three of these within a couple weeks time and wanted to try it once I had all of them...It was worth the wait! It kind of let the excitement build (because I'm a nail polish junkie and sometimes I'm too spoiled and left not really in awe) & this was pretty awesome to try! I can't compare to OPI because I figured this has a pretty good crackle effect-and I love it.

Tanya L.

I love the China Glaze crackle more than the sally hansen or the OPI. My biggest thing with OPI is the size of the brush, I don't care for how large and clumsy the brush is. These have a smaller brush that is easier to control and the coverage is great with only the one coat.

Alyssa S.
I reach for these often.

I love these polishes. They are definitely over-looked compared to the OPI shatter polishes and in my opinion for no reason! They crack as well or sometime even better than the shatters. They don't require for the polish under them to be 100% dry and I find the crack patten a bit more desirable even. I just wish CG would give me more of a color selection.

Ashleigh R.
"Lightning Bolt" and "Tarnished Gold"
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Love both of these shades. Even thought the "Lightning Bolt" shade reminds me of white out, it crackles VERY VERY good. The gold one is GORGEOUS and can be worn all year round!

Patty L.
So much fun. Makes all my old nailcolors seem new again!

I love Black Mesh. Now I can wear neon nailcolors underneath and not feel like my nails are too IN YOUR FACE! Looks cool over metallics. For Halloween, I wore this over two coats of China Glaze's Ghoulish Glow polish. Looked awesome in the dark!

Jacquelyn J.

These crackle nail polishes are amazing!!! I have all 6 colors and my favorite one is Black Mesh. It looks so awesome over First Class Ticket and loved it ever since. I was glad that my Sally's had them in stock again so I do recommend all of the colors to you all!

Theresa G.
Something different and loving it!

I have all the colors in crackle! You can combine so many different colors togeather. My 8 year old is in love and it is a must to have a manicure night in the house. I luve the white with any color its a nice kick to summer nails : )

Staci M.

I am...obsessed...with these polishes! I was so happy that the crackle trend came back because I had been on the hunt for the old Cover Girl Crackles just months before, and not only did they come back, the new crackles are so much better! The China Glaze Crackle Glazes have a bit of a different application process the the OPI Shatters. Where you apply very thin layers of Shatter, you get the best results with the Crackle Glaze if you apply thicker coats. My favorite of this set is Cracked Concrete because gray makes any color look even more classy.