Silk Infusion


Jocelyne R.

I wish this stuff wasn't so expensive. I'd use it every day! It leaves my hair so silky smooth, and it smells fabulous. If you're looking for an alternative that's slightly cheaper (depending on where you go), try Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum.

Annmarie K.
Chi Silk Infusion
Photo of product included with review by Annmarie K.

Four products in one! This product is a reconstructor, glossifier, thermal protectant, and straightener. Has no alcohol but does have silk and soy proteins. Incredible shine! Directions advise to apply to wet hair, but I apply on wet hair and after I style on dry hair.

Alyssa T.

Love chi products. This is one of my favorite serums. The smell is unique in a good way. It gives your hair some shine. I use it damp or dry before I do any heat styling.

Katarena F.

This stuff is awesome. It makes my hair so soft and I have frizzy hair but the tiniest amount tames it. Yes, it is expensive that would be the only downfall but a little goes a long way. I'm just finishing the bottle I bought over a month ago. A must have =]

Shayla F.
Love at 1st try

I was doing my research & debating about getting this or Biosilk. But I am glad I got this. I really wanted that silky soft effect on my hair. I love that it made my hair full and fluffy as well. The smell is clean & interesting. Doesnt bother me at all. I use a dime size in the front and another in the back cuz my hair is really thick.

Lauren C.

i understand why others are saying "it smells kinda manly" because it definitely kinda reminds me of Axe, the body spray boys wear...which is weird to say, but it smells weird, but it helps so much with your hair...i use it in the shower then i dont have to be so nervous when straightening or drying my hair that my hair will fry or get a bunch of dead ends

Michelle L.
The smell is kinda manly.

I love this product for my extensions when they are dry and dull. The price is also quite steep but a little goes a long way. When my highlights get dull and shabby looking it perks the hair right up. It doesn't burn the hair for me when I am curling or flat ironing and my curls last all day.

Jacquelyn Marie H.
Love this for dried out hair and for extensions that need therapy=)

I love using this stuff when i flat iron my mothers bleached out dried to heck blonde hair. Use a little though.. it goes a long way. I also love using this on my fusion extensions when flat ironing so that it protects the hair and helps prevent breakage / split ends from hot tools.

Wafi A.
Lovely smell

I am obsessed with the smell of this product. I'm not sure what it smells like exactly, but it's calming and soft. I love the way my hair feels when I'm done using it. I apply in my wet hair and I leave it. Sometimes I blow dry it.

I apply mostly to my ends because I don't want my roots getting too greasy. My hair turns soft and smooth. Definitely like silk. I usually have lots of frizz and flyaways, but not with this product.

Ariel P.

This product is so good for adding extra moisture and shine to your hair without it looking greasy and weighing your hair down! It is a costly product but it last for a long time because you do not need a lot of product to achieve great results!