'Future Skin' Foundation


Alexis R.
My holy grail foundation

I've tried every single foundation I think, and this is the absolute best I have ever found. The coverage is medium, but I put concealer on top of any blemishes and then another layer of the foundation and it's not a problem. Using a medium coverage foundation this way makes it look a lot less cakey than a full coverage product! I've got really bad skin with a lot of large, red acne from my mouth down my neck (gross) and I've never had a problem feeling like it wasn't covered with this foundation.

This makeup feels like you're not wearing anything - it's comfortable to wear for 12+ hours, and it looks incredibly natural. I've noticed that I look almost airbrushed in every photo taken of me when I'm wearing this! My skin is also really oily, and I don't have to touch up this foundation at all during the day - I don't even have to put on any extra powder a few hours in. It stays put and doesn't slide or break up in the heat, and once it's dry it's not going anywhere. It has a beautiful matte/satin finish and the shade match is perfect for my (MAC) NW10 skin.

Anneka F.
Not enough coverage

I really didn't like this foundation. I understand that it's supposed to help clear up any blemishes you may have - but I just didn't find it worth it because it didn't COVER them while I had them! I felt I was much better off just using really good skincare. I tried putting it on with a foundation brush and my fingers - neither of which really worked well, it was like the foundation just completely disappeared. It literally looked like I hadn't put anything on. The only way I could even get the tiniest amount of coverage was using a sponge and just dabbing it on - even then, it wasn't great. It was definitely light weight feeling - but for me that didn't last long, because of the low coverage, I would put a lot of powder over top.