Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour


Cait R.
Won't budge! Won't dry! Worth it!

This full coverage lip color is awesome! I recommend applying WITHOUT liner, but if you must, apply liner after you apply color, and before gloss. Also works best if you use the hydrating gloss that comes with it to further optimize wear. Color won't move and you'll barely need to touch up after eating and drinking. Best option for girls on the go or long wear lovers! Initially the shade range is a bit limited, but they're capitalizing on their growing popularity and rapidly adding new shades!

Pam Y.

I love love love this product!!!

At first I was a little apprehensive to try this because I thought it would dry out my lips, I hate dry, flaky lips. doesn't do that at all! These glosses look beautiful and amazing on. The colored end of the gloss provides rich, pigmented, full coverage color. You need to apply it on clean bare lips. This will help the color to stain and set on your lips. Then you top it off with the clear gloss end which will seal in the color and add tons of shine. Your lips will look luscious, plump, and not to mention super full and hydrated.

This is definitely a must have if you want to keep your lips looking awesome all day without having to worry about feathering, fading, and touching up. This gloss literally lasts all day, even through meals. After I am done eating, I don't even have to re-apply the color, just the clear part of the gloss. Then my lips look fresh and new as if I had just put it on. I love that it never leaves my lips feeling dry or flaky. This gloss comes off very easily with makeup remover or wipes. The only thing that might be an issue is that you'll go through the clear gloss end faster than the colored end.