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Katie B.
My Ride or Die

This is my absolute hands down favorite blush of all time. I've had it for a lonngggg time and I pretty much have not even made a dent in it because of the miniscule amount you need on your brush. It blends like a charm and looks beautiful.

Nicki N.

I picked this up with the coco rogue shine I bought for my first of a handful of birthday gifts. It's awesome. I'm fair, so I could get away with using a super light application. It gives a gorgeous glow and pop of color.

Emilie G.
Beautyful colors and packaging

I have several: Orchid Rose, Reflex, Rose Temptation & Fresque. And I am very happy with them! They are so pretty to look at both on the skin and in the pan! The colors look very natural and alive on the skin :)

Hayne P.
Everyday blush

I have this blush in Rose Petale so far, and it is a wonderful natural-looking neutral pink that goes with practically everything and works for practically every occasion. A must-have for my everyday makeup. It's not matte, but it has pretty subtle shimmers. I normally go for matte blushes, since I have oily skin and I already glow too much, but this actually works really well for me and the shimmers don't show up too much. Application is wonderful. I get perfect color payoff, and I only need to use a tiny bit, since I'm quite fair. Brush is a little dinky... but I have never used it, so I don't care!

Smells really pretty too!

Theresa G.

i love this blush so much and try to hold off on using it everyday brausr it is a pretty penny. I love that it smells like rose petals. That is Another reason why I absolutely love chanel product they all smell fabulous. Pigmentation is excellent. Gesture is smooth and blendable.

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Huda A.
It doesnt get any better

There is NO blush better than this one the different shades are amazing, the texture is sofetly nice, and the pigmentation is amazing. i wish i could put it all over my face (like a tinted moisturizer), because of it's lovely glow. a bit pricy though :)

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Saidah J.

Totally love CHANEL blushes, i have quite many colors and all of them long lasting and give very natural look. My top. I think best blushes in the market are CHANEL and Nars

Jasmine B.
The best!!!

I love this blush. I have it in golden sun, and itlooks amazing with my skin tone. It is my favorite blush, I have had it for over a year, I just now hit pan, but I use it like every day. I love it!!!

Sechil M.

I really liked this blush-powder. It gives a smooth finish and also it gives this glowy touch. The only thing that I didn't like was the brush that goes with it. Great product, though. I recommend.

Nancy-Lee C.
On my 4th compact!
Photo of product included with review by Nancy-Lee C.

This review is for #44 Narcisse

Just passing, this blusher looks like it could be very chalky. It is a rosy pink that I dust on my apples and all the way up my cheek bones to my hair line.

I am quite pale with olive undertones and I tend to turn my makeup a shade darker (thanks oily skin!) but this doesn't oxidize darker - it just stays fresh and beautiful. Also, I am acne prone and most people think you don't want to put pink on red pimples, but this blusher actually helps my breakouts blend in and not standout.

I know it is expensive, it is the most expensive makeup item that I purchase $45. But if you look in the mirror of my picture, you can see the product is in a dome shape, so there is a lot of pressed powder in the compact. I bought my 4th compact in November 2010!! I wear this Summer and Winter.

It lost 1/2 a star because I do not like the enclosed brush. A) it falls out ever time I open the compact B) it is so small, it's more like a sculpting brush.

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