Catrice Cosmetics

Absolute Eye Colour Mono


Laura B.
Just... perfect!

These Catrice eyeshadows are awesome: pigmented, longlasting, pretty and very cheap! The colour I own, which is called "C'mon Chameleon!" (#410), is the perfect dupe for "Club" by Mac. And it's every bit as good as this high end product, but costs less than a third of a Mac eyeshadow refill. Despite the price the packaging is nice and stout. Well-recommended!

Deseni F.
just awesome

cant say much about it. they are cheap, nice pigmented, good quality. i like all the shadows. its such a awesome shadow for the price they sell. i like all the matt aswell as the shimmered one. overall super awesome!

Deseni F.
awesome shadow

i love love love all there single eyeshadows, BUT this one is special, not for the eyes, but as a contour color. this is absolutly matt and looks as "shade". bronzer isnt the right product to contour youre nose with. there are special matt grey contour colors, but they are way more pricy then this. i use this color to softly contour my nose and cheeks. it looks like REAL shadow :)

Martha V.
Pigmented, pretty and inexpensive. And this duochrome is beautiful!

I really like these shadows, I find them pretty pigmented and I've experienced very little fallout so far (better to tap off the excess before applying). I especially love "C'mon Chameleon!" because it's a beautiful brown-green duochrome shadow (in the photo doesn't show properly) that I've heard it's a "perfect" dupe for Mac's "Club". It stole my heart as I first discovered it. I also own another couple of these ("Don't Lie, Lac", which I also love, and a teal one I don't find on the list) and they are really good as well. For the price I think they're very nice, maybe a little more quality than Essence for as far as I could see. Needless to say I love their names ;)