blu_ray Pressed Powder


Lisa L.
Is There Any Other Powder???

This Is perfect for people with large pores ,its a photo finish and leaves you looking younger..I highly recommend it, It price is not outrageous and you will see that it last a long time !!

Katy D.
maybe it's not the powder's fault

I am a fairly fair skinned gal and the "expert" at ULTA sold me on the #30 shade for this powder and honestly I should have looked a little more closely in better lighting, it looks cakey on my face and does nothing to conceal large pores or blemishes, in fact it's a little "Snookie" like on my fair English/Irish skin...not cheap either, but maybe if I tried a more appropriate shade I would have a different review...

Angel M.
Skin Perfection
Photo of product included with review by Angel M.

The only medium to full coverage on the market. I'm a MUA junkie so the silly trivia I know you'll have to understand makeup is what I'm rooted in soooo....This product has been around since hd tv. Was the first HD makeup to come out before Smashbox and Make-Up 4 Ever. It was only available to Make-Up Artist problem was actors and actress (since CARGO is a professional makeup line) kept stealing it out of the Artist Kits. Maker of the powder figured 'if it's so good that celebrities are stealing it to wear on an everyday basis prehaps we should market it to the public' So if you want Angelina's skin from the cover of Allure...she is not using bare escentuals...she's more likely using this.

Nu Nu Dollie N.
It's called Blu Ray for a reason! :D
Photo of product included with review by Nu Nu Dollie N.

I have this in shade #10 Light. For color reference, I'm a mac nc15-20! I'm more of a neutral based Asian gal (rarity) so it can be difficult to find a powder that sits between warm and cool tones. But this is deff a winner! I can wear this over my moisturizer, and wear it as a powder foundation and it give me medium coverage. My redness is covered up, as well as a scar I have on my cheek. If I'm going out and I want more of a full-flawless finish, I'll use this to set my liquid foundation. It stays put all night, doesn't cake, and my oils don't come through. This powder looks amazing in pictures, it has def earned it's blu ray name! There is no need for photoshop, because this powder is an instant airbrush in a quick and easy application. It doesn't look powdery, and doesn't need a setting spray to stay put. The powder itself is pretty soft though, therefore I recommend applying this before you change into that little black dress. Because the powder is soft, the dust can get all over your clothes! You have been warned! Other than that, the powder is extremely smooth, and is easily blended into the skin. It's non irritating, and is even easy to wash off! A must have for anyone who takes photographs often, or anyone who just wants that airbrushed look in powder form.

Lisa K.
My favorite face powder so far!

I picked up this pressed powder in shade 20 to replace my Benefit Hello Flawless which is a shade too light for my summer tan. Not only is the blu_ray powder less expensive, when I use it with the blu_ray activating primer, it looks so smooth after application. It doesn't settle into my fine lines and pores the way certain mineral foundations tend to. And with a bit of extra layering, it even covers the rosacea on my cheeks without looking cakey or having to use any liquid foundation. I like it the result even more than with the Benefit powder. Bonus!

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