Compact-Expert Dual Powder


Marit C.
Beautiful finished look!

I just realized as I am putting a new one in my cart, that I hadn't reviewed this product yet. I am fair with neutral undertones, and Apricot Glow is a beautiful finishing powder (outer ring or all combined) and a glowy subtle blush (inner ring) on my skin. If buffs in like a dream and blends everything together to leave a very pretty, non-powdery look. I very rarely hit pan on products as I am a collector and have a lot, but this one is down to the last bit.

Allison C.
Love It for Fair and Light Medium Skin

I bought this powder out of curiosity not knowing how it was supposed to be used. I am naturally very fair with cool/neutral undertones. Most cool foundations are too pink for me, so I lean towards neutral/yellow shades and use a warm pink powder to bring the shade closer to my natural tone. I bought this product wondering if it would serve that purpose and it works very nicely. Swishing the matte and highlight powders together leaves a very natural finish. I also discovered that when I fake tan, I can use the pink matte powder to brighten my undereye and the highlight is beautiful when used on its own.

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Vicky S.
Gave me that illusive healthy subtle natural glow

This is now my daily must-have makeup item. I am a working mum, I am always short of time, I love this powder, because it does 3 things with just one single swipe. It sets my foundation, it gave me a natural overall glow, and most importantly, it adds a beautiful rosiness to my complexion that made me instantly look awake and YOUNGER.

Yap, that's right, this baby took at least 5 years off my 40 something skin. I am so impressed and in complete awe. The result is subtle and totally natural. I swipe the powder (matt and sheen together) onto half of my face, and instantly noticed the difference. I couldn't believe my eyes, it is subtle but noticeable all at the same time.

I didn't use the two colors separately, I just mix them together, i think it is too much of a hassle trying to use them separately.

In my humble opinion, the key here, is to find the right shade that is able to enhance and brighten our complexion.

I am going to buy a darker shade as a natural contour powder, because in my little head, I pictured it goes something like this: 1. Simple swipe of this Apricot Glow, Boom! 5 years younger. 2. Two simple swipe of the contour color (maybe Beige Nude) and Bam! 5 kg slimmer.....yeah! Life will be sweet if this Expert Dual Powder could do that.....

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Randi  C.
Ivory fair

I have almost all of the powders, but my favorite is the lightest duo. I need a whole compact of the center highlight shade. It’s the absolute perfect highlight. A little goes a long away, but I do wish the center shade was a little larger. I use the outer ring to sharpen the line under my blush and to help blend my blush in. I already have a back up of this duo.

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Amy H.
Beautiful pick me up powder

I tend to use minimal (if any foundation) and just concealer and powder most days. For comparison I have the CT flawless finish (1) powder which I adore and does give me an airbrushed look. But I like to use it just in my T-zone and to cover pores.

My skin has very neutral undertones so often I need a bit of a brighter and this powder does that. It’s a typical high quality By Terry product (blendable, finely milled etc) but what I love about it is the color- I purposely purchased the “rosey” #2 (which isn’t rosey- more of a fair color with a slight pink undertone) because I didn’t want another powder that matched my skin, I wanted one that enhanced it.

This does both- you can use the outside ring for a mattifying powder all over (I use it with a small sized face brush and buff it in all over) and then use the center highlighter in between the brows, down the nose and on the high planes of the face; or mix both together.

I adore the highlighter- it’s really a fine powder that adds luminosity. No glitter, no shine, just like an inner light reflects off wherever you put it. Amazing and can be used by itself on “no makeup makeup days” without looking harsh or as a”base” for amping up your highlighter look (day to evening etc).

Love this product!

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Kole Q.

Overall very light packaging. The two separate pans are large enough to allow you to isolate a powder without having to use a small brush. The powders are so beautifully soft and blendable.

I’ll be the first to admit that I purchased the wrong shade and am too proud of a person to exchange it. Apricot Glow is overall a very pink shade. The powder in the center of the compact is a shimmery rosy pink while the ring around it is a pale baby pink that gives a sheer wash of color.

I tend to stay on the bronze side of things and pinks (especially something this light) tends to wash me out and make me look ashy.

That being said, this shade works best for me applied one of two ways. The first is as a finishing powder, dusted all over my face focusing on the center and high points of my face. (This is after setting and before bronzer/blush etc) The second is for my “no makeup” days heavily applied as a highlighter to the high points. For both of these I use the Wayne Goss 02. If I happen to get too heavy of a hand the rosy tones really start to show through I can start to look ashy. Easy fix with a skintone powder.

I fully intend on buying shades 4,5,6, and 8.

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Toni V.
Healthy youthful Glow

I have been using the MUF HD setting powder for almost a year now as I have been finding that setting my make up with compact powder have been making me look "old". Being in my early thirties I crave to have youthful glow without being oily. I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS POWDER IN THIS SHADE!! I am usually an NC30 but during vacations i can go from NC30 to NC42! But this powder has been amazing whether I am tanned or not. It gives me such a healthy glow without being glittery. The powders are finely milled and sinks in your skin just like any other face product of the By Terry line. :) I am purchasing other colors soon as I love this powder so muuuch!!

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Kristine M.
Beautiful shade

Adds just the right amount of colour to your complexion. When you need a blusher and bronzer in one sweep

shannon c.

This is nice but its not very wowing. I think the bronzer portion isnt the best but the highlight is pretty nice. I do have a similar palette by elf that does the same possibly better but with more powder kick up. The rosy and peach ones I think would make beautiful blushes and will try one of them most likely. Also the case in comes in very disappointing for the price.

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Cay Y.
Very nice texture, unfortunately color oxidized

I really loved the feel of this powder, very smooth and creamy and melts into the skin. The shimmer level is gorgeous, it gives that natural glow that we all want. The thing that made me return this product is that the shade Sun Desire, which looks like a nice warm rose turns orange on my cheeks within 30 minutes. So overall I really did love everything about this product minus the fact that it did not agree with my skin chemistry and would change colors. I have a feeling that if you have dryer skin this will work amazingly for you.

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