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Butter London

No More Waity, Katie


Shannon K.
Fantastic Polish, Worth every penny!

I ordered this polish (No more Waity, Katie) because I wanted it in time for the Royal Wedding. The company was backlogged and their customer service skills were lacking. Luckily I at the same time they were being installed into Ulta! Although this color was not one that was going to be in stores. This shade is gorgeous on. The color is opaque in two coats, dries quickly and if you want a third, it doesn't hurt due to the glitter. The only flaw I found with it is when you go to take it off. It is heavy with glitter so be prepared to deal with that. Yes, it's $14.00, but if you're looking at the brand, you already know it's not cheap. I'm here to tell you, it's worth it. You'll be glad you did. Just buy it at Ulta where you can take advantage of sales or reward perks and don't have to deal with poor customer service like I did.

Karen P.
Love it but very pricey!

I received this as a giveaway prize. I had herd about the brand awhile ago but never owned one. I loved how smooth it went on and how fast it dried so I looked up local retailers. I found that Ulta had it in stock but it is $14! Sorry that's a little bit too much for me to be spending on nail polish, but it is still a great polish.