Burt's Bees

Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss


Marguerite M.
Favorite gloss :)

Usually I'm not a huge gloss person, I always find them too sticky, heavy or shiny. This one is nice and lightweight, not sticky at all! Its shine is very natural looking, as opposed to looking like you drooled on yourself. "Zesty Red" gives a nice, natural flush to your lips, like you just exfoliated them. Plus it smells delicious! It's my go-to lip product.

Amanda Z.

Love this lip gloss Not too shiny not gloppy or sticky but sometimes in winter it's a bit hard to get it out of the tube and spread evenly Overall my fave lip gloss so far

Emilie C.
Amazing go-to nude gloss

This is an amazing gloss, it's a great staple to have in your purse- and it's indeed a bit addicting, it tastes amazing, isn't too sticky and goopy -- and you can find at almost any retail pharmacy. It's nice to know it's always there if you're in need!

Adriana T.

I really love this product ! It's so shiny and moisturizing...the smell is kind of weird but still natural. The shade is a little light, it works almost like a transparent lip gloss.

Kendra F.
Super Moisturizing!

Most moisturizing lip gloss I have had so far. It's not too dark in this shade, but I really like the slight tint that it gives my lips. Also, it smells good and natural, so that's a plus. I got mine on sale at my school book store for only $2.50! That's a steal, but I would buy this for the normal price. That's how good it is, and lip gloss lasts me for a while anyway.