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Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly


Melanie K.
A great disguise for the tell-tale signs of too many late nights ;)

This delicate, lightweight treatment eye cream features the signature fruity scent that is prominent throughout this Radiance range. It’s not my favourite smell, and as I have mentioned when discussing the other products, this is probably the biggest issue for me, as I prefer products without too much fragrance. However, I do believe it’s a scent that would be somewhat appealing to certain audiences. The scent in this eye cream, though, is so soft and gentle that it is barely noticeable, so it isn’t overpowering and lurks on the skin, like other heavily perfumed skin care products.

The eye cream, housed in a smallish, glass, pot/tub with a screw on/off lid,and while it might look small, I only needed the tiniest amount of the cream on my index finger, which I then dot along my orbital bone and around the eye area, before gently smoothing into my skin. It absorbs quickly with no tacky residue, leaving my eye area nourished and well hydrated, while ever so slightly plumping the skin to mask the appearance of any fine lines. After having used this eye treatment for the last few weeks I have noticed that the skin around my eye area is noticeable brighter and the skin is smoother in texture and softer to touch.

It helps to give my eye’s that wide-awake effect, making it the perfect ‘pick me up’ after one too many late nights. A quick application of this eye cream of a morning and I look and feel instantly rejuvenated all because my eyes are not showing obvious signs of fatigue. Thanks to the new found radiant, much healthier skin around my eye area, I have found these changes have contributed to my whole face looking more youthful looking.

Huda A.
hydrating and soft

I don't know what's about this, but it feels natural under my eyes. i have noticed an improvement under my eyes texture, less fine lines :D a good buy, very nourishing

Patricia A.
Recently bought it...

And I like it so far. Like the everybody else says, its light and you only need a small amount, so it's absorbed quickly. I'm also using it twice a day and seems to work faster than I expected it. I hope it keeps on getting better in the upcoming weeks. I haven't found yet a eye cream that I stick to, but hopefully, this will be it.

Ipucca P.

I have been using this for a few weeks and I've noticed an improvement with the dark circles and minor improvement with lines under my eyes. I apply twice a day and only need a tiny amount. As a previous reviewer said, it is lightweight and has a bit of a smell but I do not think it is too overwhelming.