Britney Spears

Fantasy Twist


Ria B.

Really nice got two fragrances in one bottle so its really nice and the perfume looks really attractive. My ones nearly finished hoping to get again 😍😍😍😍😍😍 i would rate this 10/10

Kylie M.
Love it!

Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy are my two favourite fragrances, and the fact that they put them in a package together is genius! Fantasy is perfect for the day time, and Midnight Fantasy is perfect for nighttime. The best thing about this is that they work well together- even if I was wearing Fantasy all day, I can spray a little Midnight Fantasy over it for a quick conversion for night. The packaging is clever, but when I detach the two, I often have one of the spray caps come off. That's my only complaint; otherwise, I love this!

Vernae H.
Always Mix Them

I'm sorry but the pink smells a bit immature and the violet smells overly mature. However, it did help to spray the younger scent early in the day and ADD the older scent later. But, I don't like them completely solo.