Effet 3D Lipgloss


Nina N.

reasonable price, wonderful glow and its not sticky! i use this gloss for years and i reccomend it to those who want volume glamour and perfect colour! one of the best products Bourjois offers!

Jasmine W.

I recently bought this lipgloss, purely based on the colour, not expecting anything more than just an average lipgloss, but i was pleasantly suprised when i put it on and found... IT ISN'T STICKY! :D Finally, a lipgloss in the perfect colour, that wears off nicely, without leaving white patches all over my lips! The colour i wear is 'beige elastic'. It is the perfect nudey colour for my skin tone.

I usually only wear this at night because i find that it can look a little too much for daytime, unless i go really light with my eyes, as it is super shiney and super pigmented. I love how it looks on my lips, but i would definately like to see a matte lipgloss in this colour.