Bronzing Powder


Jennifer O.
Cute packaging and great for fairer complexions!

I purchased this a few months back and it is one of my favorite bronzers! Aside from the fact that it looks and smells like chocolate (which I love) it looks very natural and is superb for contouring! This would be a definate repurchase!

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Frida H.
Favorite bronzer

I love everything about this bronzer! The smell, the color, and the fact that it doesn't have shimmer in it. It is also cheap, compared to a lot of other bronzers.

It makes my skin look soo good, you know.. the summer-glow. And I can use it on multiple places. I use it as shadow crease, a little down the nose, and on my cheeks.

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Nikki B.
Great For Fair Skined Girls

This bronzer has quickly become my favorite bronzer. First the packaging and shape of the bronzer are supper cute, made to look like a chocolate bar. It even has the sent of coco. The color is the perfect contour color. It is fairly matte with a slight hint of shimmer. The bronzer is a great color for fair skin, it doesn't look to dark or orange on the skin. It also wears well, lasting throughout the day.

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Kathryn L.
My "Wake Me Up" Secret

Use this over my everyday BB cream, sweep it along my cheeks, hairline, use it in the crease of my eye and to contour under my lip and between my cleavage to cheat if I've got a low cut top on. Brightens my look, especially if I don't have time to fake tan, makes me look that bit healthier. Multi purpose, not too shimmery, price is good and smells amazing :) Favourite bronzer

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Nic N.

Okay omg I have fair skin and this is PERFECT for contouring for me! And can I just say... It makes me SOOOOO hungry! Even the smell of it oh my days haha! Defo recommend- if you are worried just because of the price DONT BE! I'm a 12 year old girl struggling for money but I STILL bought this bronzer and did NOT regret it! :)

Olivia G.

This bronzer is so beautiful! It gives such a gorgeous look to your makeup and is very blendable. It smells quite fresh and nice and the packaging is really cool. I highly suggest that you give is a go as it's so cheap and really good quality! Love, love, love!

Fiona H.
Smells like chocolate.....

I really like all the bronzers by Bourjois, they are really good for pale skin and don't look orange or too sparkly outside. They are good for contouring and I am pretty sure that this bronzer smells like chocolate.

Meera I.

I really like this bronzer - the color is good for contouring, with the merest hint of shimmer, and the packaging is very cute. It has a strong fragrance though, so I try not to think too much about what I'm actually putting on my face...

Samantha C.
Bit Orange on Pale Skin

Maybe it's me but this looked quite orange on me. I'm fairly yellow-toned so that might be why.

Great value, smells nice, packaging is cute. I wish they did a cooler-toned version :)