MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil


Andrea G.
Great remover for the eyes!

I use this to remove my eye makeup as I already have a facial cleanser that I love. I simply work a pump directly on closed lids, gently massaging in circles around the entire eye area. (I look like a panda when I'm doing this! LOL), then take some water into my hands, rinse that off, then take a bit more water and massage it into my eyes again and rinse it off. It turns into a cleansing milk and rinses off without any oily residue. Even the most waterproof of makeup has been broken down to the mighty Boscia Cleaning Oil! I absolutely love it! I think it also conditions my lashes as well, they always feel so soft after using it. This is a must have! Which reminds me, I'm running out! Gotta get some more!!!!!!!!!!!

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Meera I.
Perfectly clean skin

Since I was introduced to cleansing oils a couple of years ago, I've used them exclusively and this is my favorite one yet. I love that it's full of natural, skin-friendly ingredients and antioxidants like green tea, and my skin always feels refreshed afterwards. I always follow cleansing with an alcohol-free toner, but there's never any residual dirt on the cotton pad because this does such a good job.

If you've never used a cleansing oil, I recommend you try it. There are formulations available for different skin-types, even the most sensitive. When you apply it, take some time to massage it in - the oil really works into pores and it's so satisfying to feel the dirt and gunk rolling out, and it's a nice treat for your facial muscles. Like other cleansing oils, contact with warm water turns this into a milky emulsion that can be rinsed clean.

I've used this daily for 6 months, and there's still 1/3 of the 5oz bottle remaining. I've already bought another bottle because I can't get Boscia products when I'm back in the UK - too many other cleansing oils contain preservatives and mineral oils, so I'll be surprised if I find another oil I like better :)

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Victoria S.
Non-filmy, rinses off, washes off makeup! A++

I have really sensitive skin, so it's hard to find a cleanser that cleanses both makeup and other impurities after a long day out.

I've found it in Boscia's Makeup Breakup Cleansing Oil. I was a little off put of the concept of cleansing my face with....oil? After trying Shu Uemura's cleansing oil and breaking out, I was a little disheartened. However, when this product comes into contact with water it immediately turns into a milk and rinses off. How awesome is that? Every night, I press one pump of product onto my hands and immediately lather it onto my dry skin (don't pre-wet your face). It feels a bit weird as you are lathering oil onto your skin and eyes, but after you rinse under the sink your face has no film, and washes all eye makeup off (even stay put liners). Boscia is a great skincare brand overall and their products are of the highest quality. You get 5 oz of product for $26 which is a good investment for a product that will last for a few months with daily use.

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Juliette D.
If they stop making it I'll cry

This is the best cleanser I have ever used. Period. You put the oil on dry skin and it melts off all makeup and when you rinse with water it turns into a milky cleanser and doesn't leave any residue behind, just clean hydrated skin. I love it because you don't have to follow up with another cleanser like a lot of other oil cleansers. I'll never buy another face cleanser as long as they're making this. It's seriously so good.

Diana P. Team

I love a cleansing oil, and this one is one of my favorites! I love that the thin texture glides over my skin easily and a little goes a long way, it doesn't take a lot of work to spread. This is also great because then you aren't tugging on your skin while trying to remove makeup or cleanse, which can lead to more damage down the road. It has a slight cooling sensation but not in an irritating or tingly way, and doesn't irritate the eyes at all. It is great for any skin type, so no need to be afraid if you have oily skin like me, it doesn't leave you any oilier.

In case you are unfamiliar, you want to apply this to dry skin (this is key) and massage until all your makeup has dissolved. Then you wet your hands and apply a little water at a time until it emulsifies and turns milky, then you can rinse it away clean. It doesn't leave any residue and cleans super effectively and gently without drying out the skin. I don't use a second cleansing step, because it works so well on it's own!

Tram Anh P.
Sensitive skin

My skin is very sensitive, redness and acne so I proceeded to follow those directions carefully and here I am, writing a review of how great this product is. Be sure to read first the instructions so it will work effectively. This cleansing oil removes all traces of makeup on my face including my stubborn eyeliner plus my waterproof mascara. I love how it cools my face, it's like giving my face a cooling mask at the same time. It is gentle on the skin and leaves my patchy dry skin moisturized. I have used different types of makeup cleanser such as the micellar water, milk cleansers, and wipes and so far this is best suited for my skin.

Yue H.

I like this cleansing oil so much! Just like how I love the amber cleansing oil from Shu Uemera. It removes the waterproof makeup so quickly and gets warm when you massage your face which is quite relaxing. I will re-purchase it definitely!

Taila G.

You could have cement on your face, and this oil will get it off!. I use it mostly for liquid lipsticks, but it won't burn your eyes, and it doesn't really have a taste. 10/10 would recommend.

Jessica B.
So fresh and so clean

This is great for removing even the most waterproof eye make up. It's probably the only thing I've tried that gets everything off my face. I haven't seen any residue on my washcloths or anything after using this, either. This stuff really gets into your pores and cleans your skin, too. I highly recommend.

Grace L.
Make up, break up ♥

This is an awesome make-up remover and cleanser! I will never go to another make-up remover. It even removes the waterproof mascara and eye-liner in a single use. Just one pump and voila. I start around my eyes since that's where all the difficult stuff is and it's gentle enough for the eyes. The great thing about Boscia is that it's all natural. Then I work my way around the rest of my face. If I'm in a rush and I just need a quick wash before my next makeup application I just rinse off and pat dry and I'm ready to go with my toner and moisturizer. Before bed though, I like to get squeaky clean so I'll follow with the Boscia Facial Cleanser. The greatest thing? It doesn't leave an oily residue but it gets everything out! I love that!