Bobbi Brown

Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow


Shelley W.
Pricey But Worth It

I have several shades of BB shimmers but my fave is Copper Sand. Its easy to heighten or maintain a low key look with her shimmer shades. Even though its a bit pricey for just one shade I suggest only getting them in everyday wearable shades that you know you will wear more than once a week.

Victoria S.
The perfect office taupe.

If you use Shu ME 850 Brown as your evening metallic taupe, your MAC Satin Taupe as your weekend shimmery taupe, then have no fear, because Bobbi Brown Stone Shimmer Wash is the perfect subtle pearl taupe!

This was my first ever taupe as I was getting into the world of makeup. It holds a special place in my heart :) Although the shadow is pretty balanced between brown and gray, it does slightly lean to the cooler gray side. I love wearing it with charcoal, black, navy blue, deep green, and espresso brown. It gives eyes a beautiful depth but doesn't overpower them with loads of frost. It's definitely an office staple.

***Please see my review on Beige Shimmer Wash for a detailed overview on the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash line

Victoria S.
Look like you stepped out of a winter frost

As I stare outside my California home in December, and see palm trees instead of snowman, I look back to my childhood east coast home, waddling around in the beautiful snow. That's what I think of whenever I use Bobbi Brown Snow Shimmer Wash eyeshadow.

It's a opalescent and creamy white with the softest and butteriest texture. It's the PERFECT white shimmery eyeshadow. If I dab this on the inner corners of my eyes they look ethereal. This would look fantastic on ANY cool toned skintone (including dark). On complexions with warmer undertones, this might clash, so try Bone Shimmer Wash instead (which I love as well). Highly recommend for a great white shadow that will last you forever!

***Please see my review on Beige Shimmer Wash for a detailed overview on the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash line

Victoria S.
Subtle and Sexy Gunmetal shade

This shadow is HOT. It's a deep smokey pewter charcoal, the color of gunmetal :) It's got strong blue/gray tones to it so it makes the perfect deep smoky eye. I love pairing it either on the lid or crease with a shimmering white shadow (try Snow Shimmer Wash) and a deep matte black for liner and outer crease work.

Since this a very deep and pigmented shadow, I recommend using a densely packed shadow for lining and smudging (like the NARS Smudge brush), and a fantastic and blendable crease brush for blending and defining (try MAC 217)

***Please see my review on Beige Shimmer Wash for a detailed overview on the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash line

Victoria S.
A toast for Bobbi Brown Champagne Shimmer Wash!

Like Bone and Beige Shimmer Wash, Champagne is a nice addition to the neutral family. It's a beautiful balance of beige, peach, gold, and cream that looks like candlelight! Compared to Beige, it's definitely a bit warmer compared to Beige's subtle gray tones. It's a fab neutral for most shadows (though I would stick with neutral-warm shadows for this one). For those that think Bone Shimmer Wash is too pale for them, this is a slightly deeper alternative highlight and base shadow. I would recommend this particular shadow to Pale-Medium skin tones on an every day basis.

***Please see my review on Beige Shimmer Wash for a detailed overview on the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash line

Victoria S.
The perfect and creamy cream shadow!

Bone is so appropriately and inelegantly named :) Yes, it's the color of a bone; a pale off white with shimmer. However, it has a subtle gold warmth to it that makes it one of my favorite eye shadows.

If you are looking for a VERY subtle shimmer eyeshadow, then this is the best lid/brow bone/highlight shade for pale skin! On darker skin tones, this could be used as a more dramatic base or highlight tone than Beige Shimmer Wash. I pair it with just about anything; it's a nice alternative to all the frosty pale neutrals out there.

***Please see my review on Beige Shimmer Wash for a detailed overview on the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash line

Victoria S.
The perfect “subtle shimmer” eyeshadows out there!

As a teenager, my mother was VERY strict on what makeup I could and couldn't wear. She insisted that I not wear overly frosty....anything. Thus, I was on the hunt for a wearable eyeshadow that was still enhanced my youthful eyes.

And then came Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Wash eyeshadow. I bought these first when they were in the rounded screw top packaging, but the current repackaging has the same formula. They have a silky texture and the shimmer is DIVINE. These are perfect for an office look as washes, crease shades, and even liners! At $20 a pop, these are not cheap, but they are a great investment into your every day makeup wardrobe. The Shimmer Wash texture is unique to Bobbi Brown, luscious, and long wearing!

I love this formula because it's appropriate for all age levels. This is great for:

-Younger girls just getting into makeup! This is an appropriate starter shadow before trying frostier textures. -The working diva! The perfect texture for a more formal office setting. -The mature woman! Frostier or glittery eyeshadow tends to not perform well on more mature, wrinkled eyes. The Shimmer Wash textures sits well on older women and still gives them a flattering finish on the eyes.

Beige Shimmer Wash is one of those great shades in your makeup wardrobe. It's got the right balance of tan and beige create a neutral base that's great for light/medium- dark skintones (for fair complexions, I recommend getting Bone Shimmer Wash). For a simple look, I use Beige Shimmer Wash all over the lids (with Bone Shimmer Wash as a highlight since I'm fair), apply Bobbi Brown Taupe shadow lightly on the crease, and line my upper lash line with Bobbi Brown Caviar Ink Gel Liner. Apply some mascara, peachy pink blush and clear lipgloss, and you're out the door in less than ten minutes!

Mary V.
A standard in my everyday work look

For something nice and classy on a workday.

I do a wash of the Bobbi Brown Bronze shimmer, some black eyeliner--on the thick side with a bit of a flick--, followed by a coat or two of black mascara. Not disco-shiny, just a smooth and classy highlight on the lids. Perfect for a quick and easy look--real hard to mess up.

If I have more time, I intensify the black line with Bobbi Brown Smoke e/s, maybe a bit of BB Slate e/s on the crease. I also use the Slate as an eyebrow powder.

Victoria S.
Feminine and girly wash of color

This is one of the softest and most beautiful purple shadows! It's a sheer pastel lilac lavender shade that's more blue toned than pink. On the eyes (mine are honey brown), it enhances the greenish bits in them and makes them glow. It's a very pale shade so it's better suited for pale-medium skin tones (the cooler the skin tone, the better).

I typically wear it as a wash on the lids. It's not dark enough for crease work. Sometimes, I put it in the inner corner or smudge it on my lash line for a hint of lavender. With a wash on the lids and some black liquid liner, it's a sophisticated and soft look perfect for the first days of spring! For a more festive look, pair it with a bright green eyeliner on the upper lash line or on the outer corners of the lid.

***Please see my review on Beige Shimmer Wash for a detailed overview on the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash line

Lisa K.

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This product gets a hazard rating of 6 out of 10!

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