Bobbi Brown

Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks

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Cecile H.
I love this so much.

The thought of using cream blush terrified me at first and I just knew it would go everywhere and not look natural at all! I then tried this and I apply it using the ecotool stippling brush and it is soo good! It looks perfectly natural and I apply along my cheek bone in circular motions and it almost highlights my cheek bones as well as making my cheeks look perfectly pinky and flawless, I find it the most natural blusher I have ever worn and it is so easy to apply such a good product!

Natalie C.
If I Were On A Dessert Island...

This would be the product that NEEDS to come with me if I can only choose a few makeup items for the rest of my life. Powder Pink works so so so well on my pale skin. I have a hard time finding colors that won't wash me out and that actually compliments my fair skin. This is it for me!

I use this only on weekends and during travels because it's so versatile and fuss free. That means you can ditch one product, either lip or cheek, because this works wonders for both! More space in your makeup bag, and less time wasted putting on makeup for that matter.

Shelley W.
Well Worth It!!

I have several of these pots and they all work great by themselves as a blush or as a lip stain. I actually use the shimmer bricks on shades get the the rose shimmer, deep burg. gets the bronze and the apricot gets the nectar shimmer. Blending is key so I use my fingers to warm the product up followed by the shimmer brick and use of my face blending brush. I really don't use it too much on my lips but for a flawless cheek they work perfectly.

Ariana K.

love this product!!! gives my skin a wonderful natural glow!!! I love the color! its the perfect coral! & I love my corals during summer! & on my skin tone! its so creamy and pigmented, love how its easy to blend. it stays on on my cheeks forever! love it. on my lips i dont love it so much! it settles in the fine lines in my lips and makes it drying and chapped! love it as a blush only haha I want to try calypso coral so bad!!

Kookie S.

Pink Truffle is a dark pink color, a little too strong & dark so you'll need just a little. The color payoff is excellent. As a blush, it stays on for a fair amount of time provided it's set properly. With other cream blushes, you'll need to build up color. In this case, you actually need to be careful that you don't put too much on the first go. As a lip color, I find this to be creamy and it doesn't dry up the skin as fast as the others. There's also a lot of product in the pot so this will definitely last a long time and is worth every cent.

Fernanda A.
L-O-V-E IT!!

This is color is perfect for me. I'm an olive skin tone. When I apply it stays on most of the day. I hardy have to re apply. I haven't used it on my lips but it's great on my cheeks.

Meredith K.
Forever Re-Purchase!

I bought this on a whim after i returned a Laura Mercier eyeshadow, and I'm so happy I did! This helps my blush stay on ALL day! I usually apply MAC well dressed powder blush over it, a BEAUTIFUL combination! I will never use a different cream blush! A+ Bobbi Brown!

Tatyana M.
Everyday product!

I literally use this everyday, as a blush. It gives the perfect amount of color and lasts all day. I have worn it on my lips and it was gorgeous.

Leah S.
In love with this pot rouge

I heard this pot rouge thru "roseinthepark" in one of her tutorial and decided to pick them up, and when i tried it I fell in love with this color!!!! I love love love this color for summer, and i'm having difficult to give it up or switch for another color...i wanna keep using it till fall. I used it for blush and lip color with lipgloss on top.

Musicalhouses F.

These are one of my favourite BB products. Wearable colours, very good lasting power, and on me at least, it doesn't cause breakouts. And it comes in this big pot that will probably last forever! The only slight downside is that the texture can be a little hard compared to similar offerings from other brands, and thus you have to work slighty harder to blend. Otherwise, I love these.