Bobbi Brown

Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick Compact


Michelle D.

I have the one in Pink Quartz, and I LOVE this! Let me tell you guys again, I completely fell in love with this highlighter (that is what I mainly use this product for). This product is seriously worth the hype. Although the price tag is not cheap, I don’t mind paying more money for this.

Lauren F.
Gorgeous versatile product!

This is one of my favorite Bobbi products- it gives you multiple shimmery, natural-looking eyeshadows or a great blush for your cheeks. I brush it on over one of my cream blushes almost every day.

Jenna G.

ha-ha i used to love this compact. My friend had it in college and she used to use it as bronzer, and eyeshadow. I asked her if i could borrow it one day and fell in love. It looks amazing with any skin tone and was juts a beautiful bronzer/blush as well as eyeeshadow

Nancy C.
best selling makeup item of all time

Ah, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, who doesn't love them?? There is a reason why this is the one of the best selling makeup items of all time, regardless of brand! I have the one in pink, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Here are the reasons why:

1) The compact lasts a really REALLY long time; I've had this for about 3 years and barely made a dent! 2) It is multi-functional, you can wear it on the cheeks or on the eyes, you can wear all the colors together or use each color individually. 3) You can wear this alone or layer it over your other blushes to create your custom color. There are many color combinations to choose from (I think the Pink might be limited edition? I'm not sure). 4) The colors can be sheer enough for day time and is buildable for a more glamorous look at night.

I used to only wear this at night but lately I've been wearing it daily to the office, of course I only apply a little bit so my coworkers don't think I am crazy =p