‘Fuzz’ Off

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Robin H.

The older I get the more peach fuss I’m getting on my face. Bliss is a great brand and I like a lot of their other products so I gave it a try. It’s got a very pleasant scent and it took care of my facial hair no problem. Really like this a lot.

Evan M.

It removes unwanted hair in 3 minutes super easy to use and there's no mess afterward. Although saying it smelled fresh and that it smelled good was quite an overstatement it smells a lot better than other facial hair remover creams but I wouldn't go so far to say fresh.

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Jennifer S.
Never Wax Again!

This is an amazing product! I recently discovered it, tried it, and fell in love with it. I have sensitive skin, and this did not irritate or burn my skin at all! I applied the cream, waited about 4 minutes, and wiped it off. Worked perfectly! I will definitely recommend to friends and clients!

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Alexis R.
Works amazingly well!

I was a little scared of this product because my last experience with any kind of hair removal cream was back in the 90s with Nair, which was terrifying all around. This is an entirely different thing though - in less than 10 minutes, with minimal sting and no horrible smell, it completely removed the hair on my chin, upper lip, and even my sideburns. I'm never waxing again!

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Bec S.
Really works!

I've never used a hair removal cream to eliminate face fuzz before, but it worked really well! The smell was nice too, which is great if you're using it on the face. It had a little bit of a sting, but not too bad. The result was super clean and it only took a few minutes to complete.

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