BITE Beauty

Cinnamon Lip Oil


Erica A.
Pretty Awesome

I love this so much! It plumps my lips and it only burns for 10-15 minutes but the plump never really goes away. Its made my lips fuller already and when i was at sephora and asked for something to help plump up my lips they told me this and the too faced lip injections one, but this one is way cheaper and i never regret buying itt!!!

Jazmyn M.
Mixed feelings

I used some of this at the store before purchasing, and I have to say it was good at first but after about 20 minutes it irritated my lips a lot and was really sticky. In my opinion the brand bite isn't that great. They have a lip mask that I absolutely LOVE. But other than that I don't like any of their other products. The lipstick is way over priced. I have to say sadly I was disappointed.