Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips


Laura R.
Must have in bathroom at all times

I love these. I haven't not had them in my bathroom for past 3 or 4 yrs. I use them about once a wk, sometimes twice, a strip on my nose and under it. I wet a face cloth with warm to hot water and use as a compress for a minute or 2 prior to appling the strip and let it dry. Im amazed everytime i tear it off what comes out of my pores! Great blackhead remover, makes the skin smoother and pores look smaller. They do what they say.

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Suzzette D.
Love these!

I really like these strips!!! They really do take that grime outta your pores!!! It's fun to feel the strip harden after a while and when you peel it off it is a bit rough but it is literally taking out all the crap you have in your pores that regular washing will not do. Do not wet once it has dried, it will just be sticky instead of pully everything out.

Qian W.

I use these once a week...and afterwards all those disgusting pores are cleared and my nose is smooootthhhh! Yes you do have to remove the sticky residue, but that comes off easily with some soap and water. I love this product so much, one of my "holy grail" items ;)

Cameron R.

It really does clear out clogged pores, and minimizes the look of pores after a few uses. I only do this about once every two weeks, but it seems to do the trick, and hasn't caused any irritation. I gave a 4.5 because it can leave a residue on your skin afterwards.

Morgan B.
Good, but needs improvement

I use this about once a week on my nose, and while I didn't notice a difference right away, in about four weeks my pores looked less clogged and maybe a little less noticeable. I think I'll stick with it. The pore strips do lose a point for leaving residue when I remove them, though.

Shannyn W.

The Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips work really well. I usually get blackheads on my nose and these help pull them right off. The only reason why I am not giving it 5 stars is because I also get tiny blackheads on my septum and the pore strip does not stay on to pull those off. Maybe I am doing it wrong but other than that I love these pore strips.

Rose M.

I like this product, however it could be better. It does remove a lot of dirt out of my clogged pores. I can still see pores though and this product wasn't effective cleaning all my pores.

Kim T.

The first time I did a strip it didn't work; the second time it was painfull; the third time I got results. I use them about every other week and the best advise I can give someone wanting to try these is after you wash your face hold a wet rag to your nose then put the strip on and leave it for 15 minutes for best results. Do not rewet area when pore stip is on your skin it gets sticky and doens't work (my friend used one & tried that). I don't hate these and I might repurchase them, but I'm not completly in love and if you sincentive to things then be careful cause they can hurt.

Penny X.

These don't work as well as the Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips, but they are more affordable. If you have smaller blackhead and pores I suggest the Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips.

Kawehi G.
Maybe I'm not using it right

because most of the time the product is still on my skin after I lift off the strip. The first time I used this it really got the dirt and crap out of my pores around my nose but it didn't minimize them...