Triple Action Astringent


Dinah D.
Pretty good

I don't find astringent to be necessary, which is why I didn't repurchase it and stopped using it. It does get rid of shine if you have oily skin like I do, but the shine will come back after a few hours. As for the astringent itself, you *must* be careful not to put too much or else it will burn your skin. Overall it is a pretty good product. I couldn't tell if there was a difference with my acne because I was using it with another product at the same time.

Eliza H.
I like it

I dont feel like this made any great impact on my skin but didnt feel like it worsened it either. I like that it contains a little bit Salicylic Acid. It makes my skin feel extra clean and im guessing thats because of the menthol and alchohol. Im sure there is much better toners out there but for now this is okay.