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Billy B

Paint Brush Nine

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Jacqueline H.

I can only speak for myself, but I think this could be construed to fit our industry as a whole: As Makeup Artists' it's very easy to get in a rut of sorts. We get so used to looking at a standard makeup brush shape and think that it can only be used for one or two things, and that's it.

Upon looking at Paint Brush 9, my first thought was, 'this is the type of brush that I would use to do small detail concealer work, or to contour the upper side bridge of the nose. I wouldn't have thought to use this brush as mascara brush of sorts on lower lashes. So, I piled mascara on the brush and went to work. This brush will apply mascara evenly and there isn't a need to have an mascara comb/brush handy to get the clumps before the mascara sets. Sure you could achieve similar results with a traditional mascara fan brush, but Billy's Paint Brush 9 makes it so much easier and quicker.

This brush is a great all around brush to own and it should be apart of every makeup enthusiast's/makeup artist's arsenal. Bravo Billy, and thank you.

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Alicia H.
The Brush That Does Everything

I've heard wonderful things about Billy's brushes and Jackie, like always, puts it best. A makeup artist will look at a brush, and immediately have the idea of how THEY would use it - which may not even necessarily be what it was made for. In this case, mascara of all things on a non-spooly brush! Genius, Billy! Only you!

But no - this brush goes beyond mascara application. It is probably the most multi-purpose brush I own. After playing around with it doing detailing work (great for darkening the outer corners of the eyes and smoking out the bottom lash line), I tried the mascara trick and was in awe. However, that is not the reason I had to share this review alone.

The real mind-blowing moment I had with this brush was when Beautylish launched the Inglot Gel Liner I had long awaited. However, DOH! I just remembered I had lost my favorite liner brush. A fellow Beautylish team member suggest Billy B Paintbrush 9. I thought, no way. This fellow Beautylisher also happens to have every perfect feature there could possibly be, so I just nodded with jealousy of her perfect lids and cat eyeliner and made a reminder to myself to pick up a new liner brush small enough for my awful hooded eyes.

Well, in the excitement of my new gel liner, I forgot to pick up the brush. Got home and unwrapped my new cult find liner, and looked at my Paintbrush 9 on my vanity. I thought - what the heck, I'm home for the evening, if I look like my already near non existent eyelid is black so be it - I'll bust out the coconut cream and a towel and pick up a brush tomorrow.

I was amazed at the ease of the brush. One stroke and I had the perfect defined line. There was no going back and forth between both eyes watching the line get larger and larger while trying to look even until the cat eye effect ends up at my brow - one stroke, and you're done. It's also great for tightlining the upper lash line for even more definition. Just tap it upwards and the rounded firm tip offers seamless application.

Definitely a treasure every MUA needs. I can't wait to find even more uses.

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Kitty K. Moderator
Great for eyeliner

I have only used the tiny brush provided by Maybelline for my eyeliner. Of course, it being Maybelline it eventually gave out. The bristles were going in every direction and I kept cutting and cutting until there was nothing else left to cut. Every other eyeliner brush I saw was a bit intimidating, and trying them out always left me disappointed. Angled liner brushes were always too big and chunky, or the shape was funny and not comfortable for me personally. When I saw Billy B's brush, I noticed that it was quite similar in shape to my maybelline brush. I was still very hesitant because it looked like it could be too heavy and big. I went ahead and ordered it, trusting the reviews of Alicia and Miss Jacqueline who also made me feel a bit better in my purchase with pictures. I have to say, this brush leaves a much better line than what I was working with. It is absolutely firm and thin, the handle is not as thick as it looks in pictures and it leaves a flawless cat eye, with the flawless flick that everyone tries to achieve but rarely do.

This is my new favorite liner brush, and I trust that it will last me a long time and give me countless beautiful cat eyes.

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K W.
K W.'s Review Image

This pic shows my all time FAV BillyB brushes (#9,10,12,13)--I've included a review on ALL of them--so pls refer 2 each 'individual' brush review 4 details on all of them. Obviously, this review will b on #9--the brush Billy designed 4 lower lash mascara. First I want 2 say how incredible this brush is 4 its overall VERSATILITY--cause EVERYBODY's gotta love that! Now on2 how I use it... (1) MASCARA--it applies mascara 2 the lower lashes like no mascara 'wand' EVER could!! The result is the MOST PERFECT CLUMP-FREE set of bottom lashes I've ever experienced!! So 4 all of u that have trouble w/the mascara 'wand' applying 2 much or smudging it on ur face--this #9 is 'THE ANSWER' 2 ur prayers!! Secondly, in playing around w it awhile, I discovered a fool-proof usage 4 it on my TOP lashes as well!-- start off by applying a LIGHT coat of mascara 2 BOTH my top & bottom lashes--then wait a minute or so 2 COMPLETELY DRY--then I use either my BillyB OR Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler (both my top favs here on Beautylish!)--2 curl that LIGHT TOP lash coat of mascara--which applies & curls like an absolute dream! At this point--the bottom lashes r complete but the TOP lashes will need another coat. U can NOW apply that 2nd top lash coat w/the mascara 'wand' if its drama u want, but if u prefer a more natural effect--skip the wand altogether & repeat w/Billy's #9 once more & ur all set! (2) LINERS--#9 is INCREDIBLE w/ANY type of liner u prefer- pair it w/Inglots GEL liner (my HG--from Beautylish) 4 a crisp, sexy cat eye look OR a pencil liner 2 smudge it out OR even shadow 2 give a lovely smoked out effect or 2 use it atop the smudged pencil liner 2 set it in place all day. And (3) lastly I LOVE using the #9 for applying Inglots gel liner 2 the waterline & tightline---PERFECTION!! (Also FYI--see my review on the Wayne Goss #8 brush b/c I LOVE it 4 this same use as well.) In summation, if it's an eye brush u want w/endless possibilities--#9 is the one!!

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Nicole A.
This brush is perfect

I love this little gem of a brush so much i have another one in my cart right now, I've used it so much it needs to retire!! I'm a huge detail person when it comes to my shadows. I use a lot of glitter and dust like shadows that requires more effort and the right brush. I find this to be perfect for packing these types of products directly on the lids. For example Too faced glitter bomb palette, UD moondust shadows and Mac dazzle shadows, or even a loose pigment. I 1st apply glitter adhere base to my lids, then I go into the product with this brush and use a patting motion to really POP the product. This is the only brush that I find works for this method. It really makes such a difference in my overall look. Some of these shadows I listed above can have quite a bit of fallout not to mention apply very patchy, but this brush really helps keep my product in just the right place. Side note it also works quite well for placing color in the corners of eyes as well, due to its size and shape it puts the color exactly where you want it (:

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Lisa J.
a must have - NINE brush

this is one of the best detail brushes i have ever used - to the point where i need to order a handful more of this specific brush NINE. dense, easy to clean, precision application right exactly where you need it. love.

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Olivia D.

I absolutely love this brush for applying lipstick and glosses (specially opaque ones) It made applying it so much easier! On top of that it feels great in the hand, and cleans very easily!

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Romee H.
Perfect highlighter brush!

Billy B's #9 brush is the perfect tear duck highlight brush. I like to use gold or silver eyeshadow around the front part of the eyes and this brush is the perfect tool to use it for. it's soft, gentle on the eyes and small for detailing job!

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Jessica C.
Makes me want more Billy B brushes

I've used this brush for its intended purpose a handful of times. I don't wear mascara on my lower lashes most of the time. I feel like I'm in control of placement and product load using this brush. I use it most for mixing and pushing black cake liner between my upper lashes. It's the brush that's worked best for me since recently learning this technique.

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Jenifer D.
Not the best for eyeliner

I decided to try this brush based on the great reviews. However, it did not work so great for applying mascara to my lower lid, I preferred the brush that came with my mascara tube. Maybe I'm just not using this brush correctly. It is too big for applying eyeliner (I like thin lines). But I will keep it for eyeshadow detail, it is fine for that.