BH Cosmetics

120 Color Palette 3rd Edition


Tiffani B.

I like that this palette comes with a variety of colors but I found that the shadows were chalky . I noticed some fallout after trying too blend the colors . I would recommend priming the eyes first or these shadows won't look great on they're own .

Sheena C.
Great palette!

I bought this not too long ago and I'm thoroughly impressed by the affordability and quality. Great pigmentation but I do need a primer for some colors to show since I'm fairly tan but it's not a big deal at all. I recommend it to anyone who wants a lot of color selection but on a budget! :)

Jasmine N.

Original Price: $34.95 Sale Price: $16.95

What do I like about the palette? YOU GET 120 COLORS FOR THE LOW LOW. The price can’t be beat. Instead of buying one Mac eyeshadow for $15 I bought this. Very inexpensive. If you don’t have this palette go out and buy it, you won’t regret it.

You can achieve any look with this. There are matte eyeshadows, there are shimmery eyeshadows. There are neutral colors, there are bright colors.

What don’t I like about the palette? If you don’t believe in wearing a primer with eyeshadows (which you always should, for stay-power and .) then this palette isnt for you. The colors are bland without a primer and/or eyeshadow base color.

CERTAIN eye shadows can be very chalky, beware.

The packaging is very cheap, it's almost flimsy. If dropped it will break and the eye shadows will be crumble.

Would I reccomend to anyone; If so, who? If you are an inspiring MUA or trying to get the feel for makeup, this eyeshadow is for you. You’ll have so many colors at your fingertips to experiment with.

John M.
Quiet possabily my favorite pallet

This is an amazing product and for such a low price I think that all makeup artists or just people who like to play around with makeup should have this. It has a lot of pastel to high value colors in the top pan that come in a good amount of color's (red, purple, green, blue, orange and yellow/gold) which is nice but I really love the bottom pan. The bottom consists of a rather nice amount of neutral shades as well as darkened shades which is what really drew me to this pallet. One of my favorite shades is this shimmery burgondy color (that is kind of similar to MAC's Beauty Marked) if you use there gel eyeliner in burn underneith it you get a beautiful dark glittery ruby color. All of these colors come out amazingly especially the black which comes out hell black and not some sort of gun metal grey shade. I LOVE THIS PALLET

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Lauren S.
Day or Night!

I love this palette because it has those shadows you can use for looks day or night! I use BH primer before anything and it turns out to be perfect. I love, love love BH Cosmetics. They are for sure my favorite eye shdow brand for such an affordable price.

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Cat C.
Classy and diverse colors, very versatile

With the best primer and sealant, these shadows will last awhile! I've used this palette on runway and photoshoot models, at-convention cosplayers, and even on myself. A little difficult to scrape off an individual color onto a separate palate (for sanitary reasons) because of how condensed they are. Regardless, definitely recommend.

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Rebecca S.

Omg those colors are so beautiful and i am so tempted on buying one right now but i don't know how to buy it.The pigment of that eyeshadows are very amazing and i want them now and more then never.

Miranda B.

I love this palette I use it just about every day. The colors are amazing and its so affordable you cant go wrong with Bh cosmetics. Like other people have said to get the best color pay off you should use a primer or base. Cant beat 120 eye shadows for the price of one or two.

Ali J.
The color options are great!!
Photo of product included with review by Ali J.

So this was my second palette,(first one was the 4th edition). I know went backwards but only bought it because I needed matte colors. I'm a sparkle type of person, but I tend to use this palette more. Colors are super pigmented and just takes a tap with your brush and you have enough eyeshadow for you lid. I got it on sale when the it 60%. I was hesitant at first but glad i made this purchase. Great selection of both matte and shimmer colors.

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Kristina A.
Loving the balance of neutrals and color

The pigment in these eyeshadows is amazing! I absolutely love how highly pigmented they are and how well they stick to the primer. The palette contains a side of bright colors and then assorted light/dark neutrals. Its the perfect palette for daytime looks and nighttime looks. It contains a variety of matte and shimmer shadows. I do wish the palette had more shimmer colors...but that is just a preference. Also the slight downside is that the shadows will not stick as well without a primer. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the product:)

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