Sunflower Brush Tree


Tina J.
Why didn't I find Benjabelle sooner!

Drying my brush collection is almost as much hassle as washing them. I typically would wash my brushes and lay them out on a towel rotating them a bit to dry. Benjabelle made it super fast and easy to dry them and water doesn't get in the ferrules which I worry will loosen the glue since the brushes drip dry. This sunflower model holds everything from my fat powder brush to my small shadow and liner brushes. I don't usually wash more than this holds at once either. Love it!

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Jennifer B.
Jennifer B.'s Review Image

OMG I ordered this and it's amazing!!!! It helps so much more then having my brushes sit on a towel waiting to get dry! I really love it, to the makers of this product, smart thinking! Now I don't have to worry about my brushes getting messed up.

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Erica L.
For those who have many brushes...

I have more natural hair brushes than synthetic ones and to prop natural hair brushes up to let them dry, the hairs are never dried completely or the shape of the brush just goes out of whack. I love this brush tree because all my natural hair brushes maintain their original shape and dry quickly! I'm planning on buying the smaller brush tree since I have so many eyeshadow brushes

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Venency G.
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I ordered the Sunflower brush tree. It is amazing. I can clean all my makeup brushes and dry them vertically without any problem. I also use the brush guards so that the bristles hold their original shape and dry super fast. I will highly recommend this to anyone . Best product!!

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Sylvia J.

Love this product. It was easy to put together, sturdy, not cheap material & I leave it up so I can use it almost daily. So glad I bought it.

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Jennifer P.

I bought the sunflower tree a few months ago directly from, BEST purchase ever. No matter what kind of brushes you have. Whether you have EcoTools or Wayne Goss (I have both) this is a MUST HAVE!!!! If you own brushes it just makes sense to own this as well. I'm going to purchase another sunflower tree in pink. This makes life so much easier, my brushes dry faster and it takes up less space. I wish they had come out with this earlier. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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Andrea L.
Who'd Have Thought It Would Be This Good

I have to admit, the first time I saw a YouTube video on this, I thought what a waste of money. Just lay your brushes flat and hang them off the sink right? Wrong...I can't even count how many times my brushes would roll around on the sink and not stay in place or the cat would knock them down and I'd have to reshape them. Since I purchased this, I no longer have those problems. This is a fantastic product and such a time saver.

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Kat H.
Love it! Use it daily to store my brushes!

I use this to store my brushes everyday - it puts them all within eye's view and hand's reach, and with the spinner, it's even easier! Love, love, love this! It makes application much quicker. Great product!!!

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Jenn F.
Speeds drying time

Love this. It holds all sizes of brushes, from thin eyeliner to wide-based real techniques. This lovely stand dries brushes in a flash while taking up less space on your counter, and then it folds flat for easy storage. Plus you can fit a lot of smaller brushes in together so you can wash everything at once. Genius!

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Jen F.
Easy, convenient, vertical drying

You want to dry your brushes vertical with the bristles downward so water/solvents do not get into the ferrule and loosen the glue holding the bristles.

I was using brush guards before to use on the brushes so I could stand them up in a container brush tip down--which worked well, but took long to dry.

I like this stand very much as it is very convenient and breaks down if I'm not using it. I find I don't tend to break it down, though, instead I stick it in the closet out of sight until I wash brushes again. It's fairly well made.

It would be great if there was a fancier version I'd want to keep out on display, though.

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