Benefit Cosmetics

"that gal" Brightening Face Primer


Dylan P.
This Guy Loves That Gal! ♥♥

First of all this packaging is so cute, and so unique. Turns the bottom dial to make the product come up... I'll admit at first I was turning it the wrong way for like five minutes, wondering where the product was. Then I turned it the other way and tadaaaa......

But I LOVE this product. Light as air, it blends in like a dream, and adds a nice glow and a smooth surface to your skin. Plus it smells like Rockets candies! You can't lose!

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Nadia Y.
Achieve a natural, flawless skin glow in seconds

I bought this with some skepticism; I have quite oily skin, so I do not like the aid of primers especially ones that contain silicon. That Gal is very quick and simple to put on with the click tube applicator; you can get just the right amount to dab on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. A little goes a long way! I use my Make-Up Forever Concealer and finish off with a brush of Benefit's Hello Flawless Powder. I was quite surprised to see how bright my skin was, best of the primer doesn't feel heavy or thick.

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Shannyn W.

The first thing that I noticed about this little primer was the sweet smell. It was a bit reminiscent of a strawberry sorbet smell. I applied a small amount to my face and I noticed an instant brightness to my face. It also gave it a soft glow. I was automatically impressed with it and loved how my face was looking that I almost did not put any foundation on afterwards. It did not feel heavy or thick on my face. When I did put my foundation on it went on smooth and evenly. The packaging is also super cute and easy to use!

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Krysty C.
Brightening primer for a subtle healthy glow :)

I know a lot of people don't like this product because it makes them too pink. That's not a problem for me because I have yellow (almost olive) undertones and the pinkish tint in Benefit's That Gal really works to counter the sallow tones of my skin.

I find that I can use this with or without makeup on top. Some days I can just use this and powder and I'm good to go. It doesn't give me an oily look because there are no overt "shimmers" that most other brightening primers have.

I can't vouch for the "primer" part of this product because I'm not really oily in the first place. Still, it's a nice addition to my beauty arsenal, for days when I just need a little boost to look more radiant and fresh :)

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Dani and georgia M.
Great Primer

I love this primer for a full face of makeup or just a bit of concealer, brightens my face even if I am really tired it makes me look wide awake. My make up last all day when I use this primer and one of the best things is that it doesn't feel thick or heavy, it's light and moisturising. I like using it when I don't wear too much make up so I still look awake and full of energy. Hope this helped. Dani xx

Vittoria T.
It's actually amazing.

Best primer I've used so far! A little goes a long way, so my small tube has lasted for months! It blends with any facial colour and leaves the skin feeling really smooth ☺️ I put it on before putting on my face/skin makeup and it just makes your whole face look smoother :)

Heidi C.
Truly brightens best primer I ever had !!!

I've been using this product for months now, and it's just lovely. The raspberry scent isn't too potent and it's deliciously girly. It gives the perfect dewy glow and leaves the skin smoother. Also it's light weight and super effortless to use. Has enough coverage that you can wear it alone. Great for even out your skin tone.

Miranda G.
Love this product 😘

Love this face primer makes everything so nice :) does not make up makeup caked on and I love the smell it's smells like strawberries haha very smooth to apply and makes my makeup look natural and stay for quite a while 💋

Miriam H.

I love the glue-stick type of this primer as it doesn't spill and you don't have a hard time squeezing the product out. Few clicks and voila! You're good to go. It makes my skin glow and helps my foundation lasts longer. Love the scent too!

Norah D.

I do love this stuff. I actually prefer it alone than underneath foundation. I look alive when I wear it. I like it under foundation as well but, I have to mix it with my Porefessional sample because I have enormous pores.