Benefit Cosmetics

Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer


Tina L.
Worked even with my super oily skin!

I was a little skeptical as well, but I must say, it made my aging skin look great! It gave me a dewy look & I did need to blot a little here and there, but no biggie. A little goes a long way, just apply then blend with warm clean hands. Never thought I would spent this much for a primer but I surely have no regrets.

Jani M.
Okay to say the least.

Benefit is one of my favorite lines, so when they came out with a new primer, I had to get it. It's marketed as a 15 hour foundation primer, which is what I needed. I want a primer that makes my foundation last throughout my long work days, however, this product is a bit of a let down. No matter how I applied it, or which foundation I applied it with, it was always hard to blend. My foundation always sat on top of the skin whenever I used this. Did it last for 15 hours? Nope, but it came close. All in all, I would not be repurchasing this.

Diana D.

I'm so impressed with this baby, I've been using and it's amazing. I didn't have touch my makeup for hours, it's the first primer that I love ♥ I will be buying it again once I finish it, 100% recommended.

Brooke R.

Overall I find this product great-I think. It goes on great, be sure not to let set for too long otherwise your powder will cake. It definitely lives up to the 15 hour claim. But I felt I've ran out too quickly, I've only had this a little over a month and am close to running out. Granted I use daily but I just feel like it was too soon.

Chamar L.
Now I'm a believer

Well, I wasn't convinced at first. I thought it would feel to heavy and sticky on my skin, and in a stick??? Uh no! However, since Sephora has a great return policy, I tried if anyway, and well......I love it! This baby works! It did not feel heavy on my skin at all, and left my makeup looking, well, flawless. My workday is about 13hrs and it surely does keep everything locked in. I am impressed when I didn't think I would be.....great work Benefit.

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Daena T.
Love it!!!♥♥♥

I been wearing this primer for the past few days and I have to say I love it!!! It helps my makeup stay on all day and I have an oily t-zone and this has help me stay matte the whole time I don't have to touch up at all! One thing to remember though what worked for me doesn't mean it will work for you but hopefully it does because I really like this product and I will be buying it again once I finish it !!

Shamima K.
Creamy primer that withstands moisture an does its job.

This is a translucent primer in stick form which is applied directly onto the face. It has creamy consistency which you can feel with your fingers once applied. It does not feel drying at all and would be suitable for drier skin types. It has withstood this recent hotter climate, and has kept my BB cream on all day without going patchy. I have never really been impressed with primers but this one does the job. It may feel like an additional layer to some but I prefer to be able to feel that my primer is there. One point though, I did find that it was harder to blend the BB cream in with this on my face. Overall excellent! Worth purchasing.