Benefit Cosmetics

Lip Plump


Maya K.
Great base

This product truly is worth having! Not only does it show the true color of a lipstick, but it makes my lipstick last almost the whole day. It is so amazing. It does also plump up the lips while using lipliner. It is pricey, but well worth it :) My friend likes to use this product as a nude lip color instead of a base, but make sure you moisturize your lips before applying it as a nude lip color.

Angela C.

I always use this before I put on my lipstick! A little bit goes a long way! The product lasts & lasts. When I run out it, I make sure I get to a Benefit counter right away to get more! I love the feel of it and it makes my lips fuller!

Delia I.

I don't know what to say about this product. It's a good primer for the lips, it's not plumping at all, but you can feel a little ichyness when it's applied. I like using this with a gloss, but I don't think the colors of the lipstick are much better when this product is applied. I don't like using this product.

Maria L.
Plumps?...not so much.

I've been using this product and although I cannot agree with the "plump" claim of it. I can say that it does create a wonderful nude base on my lips which makes my lipstick stay truer to its color. When I wear lipstick I do not have a habit of pressing my lips together or licking my lips, so I cannot say if this has prolonged the wear of a lipstick, but I will probably purchase this again because I do like how it performs as a base/primer.

Erin H.
Good primer, but doesn't make lips fuller

I like this stuff because it's a good primer and makes my lip gloss last longer, but I have not seen any change in the fullness of my lips.