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Maihien N.
My go-to blush for 7+ years!

I have an odd skin color: olive toned, but also fairly light. Blush made for lighter skin tends to look too red on me, whereas blush for olive tones have looked brown on me. Enter stage left: Benefit Georgia blush! This blush is the warm nude I've been looking for for AGES and having found it several years ago I've been in love since. It compliments by tones whether I'm wearing poppy red lipstick or neon blue eye shadow. It's truthfully been a staple for me for over 7 years.

Aniko F.
Very sheer

Smells good, like peaches, but other than that it is completely sheer with little or no pigment. I think this could definitely be a nice highlighter but thats about it.

Jenna D.
Remains my favorite blush after all these years.

Having fair skin, it's hard for me to find blush that doesn't look overly pigmented on me. I love Georgia because it's the perfect shade of peach and it's quite subtle. The product also lasts a lot time. I've had the same box for years and still haven't hit the pan.

Cortney S.
Left MUCH to be desired.

I could see this working as a shimmer powder for someone with a much darker skin complexion than mine, but this didn't do anything for me. I was hoping for a peachy blush but no color shows up on me. On top of that it didn't "brighten" or "shimmer" me up either. I do not recommend this. Period. Go for a different blush or shimmer powder from a brand that doesn't pack their products with Parabens.

Amanda D.

Personally this product does not do anything for me as a blush or highlighter. I find that it is very fair but the colour swatches beautifully. I use the product all over when I am done my make-up sometimes to eliminate shine or just to's not what it's suppose to be used for, but I find it does the job :)

Mikayla S.
Gorgeous peachy glow.

I picked this up online the minute I heard it was being discontinued. I tried it on and was instantly heartbroken. Why oh WHY, Benefit, would you discontinue such a gorgeous shade? To make room for ChaCha Tint? No! ChaCha Tint will not act as a light bronzer for my untanned winter skin. ChaCha Tint can't subdue a too-bright pink blush that I foolishly tested out minutes before I had to leave for an event. ChaCha Tint can't even out an undereye concealer that, after a few hours in the sun, is suddenly too light for you. In the words of John Mayer... "Why, Georgia, why?" Why would you leave me?!

(So, yeah...definitely worth a purchase, if you can find it!)

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Crystal S.

When I bought this, I wasn't sure that orange will match my face. But when I wore it for the first time, it was awesome! I know it doesn't give much color, which it the best part! I just put it all over my face and it brightens it up! You should totally buy this.

Carly C.
Shimmery and smells good!

This doesn't give you much color, but it gives you a really pretty shimmer, and it smells really good! Just like peaches! It's good as a highlighter!

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Amanda K.
whats the point?

this stuff wont even show up on you, i promise.. unless youre very dark skinned and are looking for that baby powder look... i tried this, its supposed to be all over peachy glow.. nada.. miss!

Janette R.

I'm not too sure about this powder. The scent caught me at first whiff but once applied I honestly saw no difference aside from the cute smell on my face. I've had this in my m-up drawer for years now and it looks quite new.