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Benefit Cosmetics



Stephanie Y.
Love it!!!

I love this concealer. It so smooth and very easy to apply. It covers spots redness and rashes. I would definitely purchase this product again and it is soo worth the price.

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Michelle M.
Love how this concealer wears!

I really love the texture of this concealer. It's creamy but not too thick. I like to warm up the product on my fingers before applying and it blends really nicely. It covers up my redness VERY well.

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Elle A.

I use this concealer mainly for my pimples and it gives me full coverage for the whole day without making my acne worse. I do notice I have to blend this very well otherwise it can start looking cakey.

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Andii J.
Not for me!

just went to do the swatch for this concealer and it brought my hand out in a rash, like Eczema when i was a child i have used it on my face before and it fine well the Benefit girls have before and it was fine in store -Anyway- I did like this concealer as it was really creamy and gave really good coverage to cover things i didnt want covered. As it says it is industrial strenght and i agree it works really well you have to use little though or it would cake up so be careful! It comes in a variety of colours, i like Erase Paste much more!

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Louise-Lesley J.

I feel like I may be one of the few people to knock this down but I just can't for the love of me get this to work for my skin.

I have dry eyes and an oily nose, both where I need a concealer, and I find it hard to find one that fits both. This worked for those blemishes around my chin but it came off so quickly around my nose. (I might have to agree Amanda K. on the reason Benefit came out with the primer!)

I was told it would be moisturising for under my eyes - but even with a primer, heavy moisturiser and applying it lightly - it still went kind of cakey!

Not a good one for my skin!

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Mathilde M.

I can't stress this enough. The Boiing concealer is just perfect. I have very dark under-eyes, and this product conceals every little imperfection. It looks very natural, and will stay on for soooo long. If i don't want to wear makeup one day, but I still want to cover my dark circles, i apply a dash of this and it will litterally stay on unill I wash it of. For an extra coverage, i would use the Benefit stay flawless powder on top. As for the application, i use my index finger to warm up the product, and i also apply it with my finger.

Anna K.
Love it!

I was a little hesitant to buy this because after reading so many reviews not all of them were that great. I've had this for a few days and I love it! I only use this for the dark circles under my eyes and putting this on is literally like I took an eraser and erased my dark circles. Best concealer I've used for dark circles.

Kendyll G.
Great coverage!

I really love the coverage this concealer gives me, it's really thick so it's best used on blemishes and dark spots instead of under your eyes. The color matches me really well (NC15)-- however I think that a dupe for this is the Sephora concealer in the little pot which is 1/2 the price and gives the same results.

Denise E.
Amazing Concealer!!

This is the most AMAZING under eye concealer. It applies evenly and smoothly and never creases. Because it's not too dark, it also lightens up my face and gives a beautiful bright eyed look! In LOVE :)

Nikki A.

Forget the trash talk about this product it's amazing. I have sever acne and I use it over foundation and a powder over top it lasts all day and it's hides my pimples and redness . I also use it for under my eyes and it works great , even though it's not for under eye circles .