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Benetint Rose Lip & Cheek Tint


Katie M.
slight learning curve!

I have both Posietint and benetint and I've found that they work better as blushes when I put them UNDER my makeup. It looks splotchy before I lay down my foundation but after I put the foundation on I look like I'm GLOWING. I love these colors as lip products but I find the original benetint color feathers like crazy on my lips. I don't have this problem with Posietint, though. You kind of have to play around with them to see what tricks work for you but I wouldn't write them off completely.

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Nik Von B.
Not for beginners!

This product is great, i love it as a lip stain. As for the cheeks, i would reccomend either practice when you have nowhere to go, or have someone who knows how to apply it, do it for you. Save yourself people! Clowns are meant for the circus! This stuff dries fast and if you do not work quickly and effectively, you will look ridic :)

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Angela W.
Lasts forever.

I've had mine for quite a while now (which I'm sure makeup experts will say is gross and I should throw it away) but since I don't use it on my eyes or mouth I think it's OK.

This is a tricky product to use if you have acne. I use this product both with and without foundation on. When my face is clear I can get away with using it alone. But if you're mid-breakout and don't cover your blemishes the super pinky/red of this blush color is going to make your spots stand out more.

I put it on before I put my foundation on. I usually just leave my cheeks bare (of foundation) where the benetint was applied and just blend my makeup together gently so I don't have two pink circles on my face. Start in the middle of the benetint and use an outward sweeping motion to blend the lines.

If there's a blemish on my cheek where the tint is I use a tiny brush and dot it directly on the offending spot. Then I set everything with either translucent powder or blush, depending on how bright I want the look to be.

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Deedee T.
Nice glow

I won one of these in a contest from Lucky magazine along with some other Benefit products years ago. I thought "It looks like nail polish and it's red!" I tried it anywas and I loved it. It really just gives a bit of color and it stayed on all day. I even got compliments on how good my skin looked the first day I tried it.

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Rawan S.

I love using it on my cheeks.. it gives a natural look blush

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Myka A.

it's so on the go. a makeup that i could use anywhere wherever whatever! it's so simple yet amazing, obviously a 2in1 stuff pretty expensive but it will last you long :) go grab it

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Alana D.

This is a great product, but definitely requires some practice. Always remember to rub in the stain quickly after application or else it really will stain (cheeks). you also have to experiment with where to apply. but overall its a great product with great pigment

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Isabel K.

Although you can use it for your cheeks AND your lips, I like using it on my lips better. When using it, especially for your cheeks, it dries quickly, so this is a problem with a few others, and me. But when I put on the LIP stain, I feel like my lips are almost naturally my color! I feel like it is so light, it isn't even there!

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Amanda K.

both benetint and posietint are great. but ive never found a stain ive quite liked as much as this. i decided to splurge on it after i read that it got its start when strippers used it for their nipples lol. i dislike it on the lips, i find its too pigmented and completely the wrong shade for my skin, but on darker skin tones im sure it'd be lovely on the lips! but on the cheeks its beautiful!!

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Nicki N.
Berry stained errything

If you're unfamiliar with Benetint, I think you've been hiding under a rock. It's a cult favorite cheek and lip stain in a gorgeous berry color. It's a little drying for the lips but a few dabs on the apples of my cheeks seems to do wonders for an effortless flush like I've been running around in the cold (only more red and less pink). If you haven't tried it I'd recommend it. They have plenty of smaller vials which will last you a lifetime so you don't have to commit to the full size.

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