Barry M

Lip Gloss Wands


Emilie L.

I got one these for Christmas last year and I love it! It smellls gorgeous, a bit like Passionfruit :)

Beautiful colours, and they last quite long for lipglosses.

I reccomend x

Lisa U.

Lovely lip glosses in an array of colours like all Barry M products. They are light and sheer giving a subtle glossy look. The only downfall of these lip glosses are that they don't last.

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Sarah N.

I love the colours and I love the smell. These glosses smell amazing!!! They smeel good enough to eat. They aren't to sticky and I just love them. Maybe a little bit pricey for a high street lipgloss but I's a bit cheap so maybe that's just me. The colours do come out a bit sheer but I like that. I don't really like super pigmented glosses for day to day wear.

Lucy C.
One word.. AMAZING!

I only have 1 of these Barry M lip glosses but I have tried out lots of my friends as well. I love Barry M, it's my favourite makeup brand. And as soon and I brought the toffee flavored Barry M lipgloss, I fell in love so much more. First off it smells like toffee, who doesn't like the smell of toffee right? And the color stays on all day. It gives you the loveliest shine and a brown sheer effect to your lips. I strongly recommend these! The pink bubblegum lip gloss is amazing as well.

Rosie A.

These lip glosses are over all great quality and amazing products. They look great on the lips (although quite sheer) and last a long time which is a huge plus, and they smell amazing! The one I purchased has a sweet, strawberry scent and it makes applying the product very pleasant - so you get a little lift when re-applying throughout the day! These are also very good value for a good quality lip gloss. Five stars for Barry M! :-)

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