Barry M

Glitter Nail Paint


Charli W.
Best Glitter Polish!

Glitter polish is very in for Autumn, and if you want to cash in on the trend, I would strongly recommend Barry M's glitter polish. I think that sometimes glitter can look tacky, but this one is actually really nice. It's of a fantastic quality and consistency, is easy to paint on, and dries far quicker than other glitters I've used. There is also a lovely lot of shades to choose from, as with all Barry M nail products, and of course, they are, as always, inexpensive and fantastic!

Jasmine H.
Very vibrant

About 2 coats should cover your whole nail and won't chip until a few days but you must apply a base coat to make it a bit easier to come off

Saj C.

I think I've pretty much gloated to everyone about my love for Barry M nail polish and I solely blame my little sister since she was the one that introduced me to it. And we own every shade you can think of. Its perfectly beautiful and choosing the right shade can compliment your skin tone very well. It lasts longer than most nail polishes which is great and you dont have to worry about re-applying. ♥

Kathryn L.

Bought the Magenta, Red and Teal and I love love love them all! They're not gappy, 'few-and-far-between" glitter polishes.. Apply over a similar or contrasting colour, over a black tip for a glitter french.. they're great!! Last longer than the originals.. great for nights out. As with all glitters, hard to get off, but if like me, you like peeling your nail varnish (despite what it does to your poor nails).. this wont bother you. Soaking them between acetone cotton pads for about 30 seconds seems to pull the majority off. As far as glitters go though, fantastic products,.

Aimee B.

i have the red and i love it to bits i love barry m nail stuff its the best i must have nearly all of them i love them top marks

LibertyPaige X.
rose quartz.

This nail varnish is great for that party look or if you want your nails too stand out! i love the rose quarts and think thats the best glitter effect barry m do as the glitter pieces are bigger and show up more! however they either peel off within the first day or two really easily or are an absolute nightmare to get off!!great look though and very cheap! one to try.

Bianca Natasha B.
Very bright and eye catching!

I love this stuff, I have the red and blue shades. They usually need to be applied over a similar coloured base, but they pop so brightly so only one coat can do wonders. The only downside is it's very hard to get off! Needs a soak.