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Jess M.

So great! I got this for a bday and i have never used anything else. The formula isnt too dry or wet. I cant get great length and volume! I highly reccomend

Ly L.

"Amazing! The applicator prevents clumps, adds MAJOR volume, AND length." I love this mascara? Really define my lashes without clumping them. Also, it is paraben-free as well as all natural ingredients. Such a great lengthening mascara

Christine R.
My favorite for long lashes

I love Buxom mascara and use it every day. I lengthens my lashes beautifully without clumping and they still look so natural. If I want thicker lashes, I will apply a few coats for a heavier look, but for a daytime/natural look, one coat is fine. It's not inexpensive, but, for me, this is a product that is worth the price.

Jeannie K.
The best!

I absolutely love this product! It works wonders on my lashes, and it doesn't get all smeared under my eyes by the end of the day! The brush is perfect, it has a unique shape to it. Everything about it is amazing, it's so worth it!

Randa R.
Worth the price

I first got this mascara a year ago & it is the only mascara that I have ever repurchased... I'm constantly trying to find something that will hold the curl on my STRAIGHT lashes & give me volume at the same time & this does the job amazingly! This is my go-to-mascara for everyday use. I use it no matter what as a base, I would recommend it to my friends. LOVE IT!

Logan A.
probably my favorite make-up product of all time

5 stars is just not enough to express the wonderfulness of this mascara. EVERYTHING about it, from the formula to the amazing wand, is well thought out and manufactured amazingly! I will always keep buying this product and will probably never stop wearing it. And not only is it amazing alone, but it is one of those mascaras that looks great when layer too! TRY IT NOW! It's worth the $19!

Sara B.
All Time Fave

Im totally in love with this Mascara. I buy a Lash Stash box every time they are released and one had this mascara in it and Ive been using buxom ever since..the brush is so unusual and big which sometimes I hate on other ones but for some reason this works fantastic. it gives me length, seperation and volume. Love using this and then layering a coat of MUFE smoky lash over top for a more drama lash look!!

nikki j.

oh. my. gosh.

i received a deluxe sample of this in my sephora order before christmas and i have fallen head over heels with it. gone are the days of using two mascaras! for me, buxom lash is the perfect combo of volumizing and lengthening! at $19, it's not exactly cheap - as a full time student/full time fast food worker (which is horrible for my skin), it's needless to say i'm on a beauty budget - but it's not as expensive as some of the dior mascaras ($38?! pffft.) so, i think if you're looking for a higher end mascara for less money, buxom is definitely a good buy. i will be purchasing my full size very soon!

Rosario R.
My favorite mascara by far!!!

I absolutely loooove this mascara! I've tried so many and they all flake & smear. This one goes on great! Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I practically throw it on and it separates and makes my lashes look fuller & longer! When I've used others (usually by a makeup artist) it smudges and leaves itself behind all over my face. Just reminds me that I'll never give up my Buxom Lash Mascara! My only wish is that they make it waterproof! But even then... (rain, snow, swimming) it holds up very well. Impressive. Most impressive!

katy s.
By far the best mascara I have ever used, hands down.

I can't write enough good things about this mascara... I love almost everything about it. No other product has ever come close. And the ingredients are so much safer than anything else I've used! Really, love.

The ONLY downside is that I find it the hardest to remove out of any non-waterproof mascara I've used. It comes off my lashes easily enough, but then firmly plants itself on the soft tissue under my eyes and refuses to budge! I use pure Jojoba oil as eyemakeup remover on a Q-tip which works fine, it's just one extra step, that's all.