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bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Face

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Ksenia R.
Excellent product!

I love love love love love this! I was always searching for good coverage without heaviness of a thick foundation, so I used this as my powder foundation now over Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer. Once I run out, I just have to have more. The only thing is, it runs out too quickly :(

Super handy that it contains sun protection too - just one less thing to think about. Love this.

Nancy C.
stays on all day!

I started using bareMinerals many many MANY years ago, way before Sephora started selling it, when they were only seen on tv infomercials, and when no one has even heard of mineral foundation. I bought my bareMinerals kit after seeing it on tv the summer after my freshmen year in college, I remember very clearly because that was the summer my cousin came to stay with us :)

Anyway, I remember trying the Multi-Tasking Concealer in Bisque and not liking it a whole lot, because it doesn't match my skin tone exactly and whenever I used this, it looked like I had weird colored patches on my skin. Since then the Bisque had been stored in the very back of my makeup drawer. But about a month ago, I decided to give this another try after many years of neglecting it. I think my application of this was wrong before... I used to apply this with a somewhat stiff eyeshadow brush which would leave a very concentrated amount of powder on my skin. But now, I started applying the Bisque with a softer blending brush and it works beautifully. What I do right now for my blemishes is that I use cream concealer first, and use my blending brush to apply the Bisque over the concealer to set it. But for the redness around my nose, I only use the Bisque (and no other concealer) to neutralize the redness. I then proceed to apply loose powder all over my face. The Bisque stays on all day and I am really loving it :) I know there are a lot of Bisque fans out there, I wasn't one of them before, but now I am .

Elaina Y.
Maybe it's just me

I wanted a concealer from Bare Essentials and my main concern was my under eye circles. Now I got this product at a Bare Essentials store in Las Vegas. The person helping me actually put this product on me, but at that time I was already wearing Laura Mercier concealer under my eyes. I liked the way that it looked in the store. When I got this home with me I really didn't like this product. It would make my under eyes look dry, and it didn't really conceal my under circles. I thought that this colour would be good for me cause it was lighter and slightly pink which usually is a good shade to cover up with. This product left me really disappointed because it was slightly expensive and now I have a lot of product sitting around. I did apply this with the cleanser brush that the kits came with, so that might not be the right brush to apply the product with. This product is a bit nicer for blemish concealing, but it is a bit too light for me in that way. If I use it to conceal my face I would need to apply foundation over it just to get the right colour. I find that that would just be wasting product. Currently this product sits at the back of my storage unused. If you are looking for a concealer, I would recommend not to get this one, Stick with the foundations from Bare Essentials those are awesome!