Bare Escentuals

Angled Blush Brush

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Angela V.

This is a really good brush... I got it in my bare escentuals kit that I had purchased on the shopping channel.. I really like this brush its really nice to use its soft enough and I didn't have the bristles falling out like most other brushes I have purchased.. I would recommend it

Jenny L.

I've never had a blush brush that worked this well for this kind of price. I'll have to get a few for different blushes and bronzers. I also need to find a case for it so I'm not worried about messing up the one I've got in my makeup bag. It's soft, doesn't molt, and leaves the perfect amount of product on my skin.

Lauren C.

this is perfect for blushes and bronzers..i love using this works really well and makes your makeup look flawless in the end, i am very happy with this product!

Adriana C.
Perfect brush for contouring

I purchased this brush from Sephora online. As you see in the picture, the brush looks fairly normal sized. But when I received it, it was small. Seemed like a travel sized brush. I was actually happy. Since the brush is small, I found perfect use in it. The size is perfect for me to contour my cheeks with. I found that big brushes get my contour powder in other places besides the hallows of my cheeks. This is excellent. Surprisingly, this brush doesnt shed as much as the full flawless face brush.