Twinkle and Shine Eyeliner


Bria K.
Love it

I am a huge fan of glitter, so these eyeliners are so fantastic. They have a nice, controllable glitter payoff. Depending on how I put it on, there are a light amount of sparkles, but I can layer it for tons of sparkles. This is a must have for me when I really want my eyes to stand out. Just be careful, once I got too glitter happy and some got in my eye (SUPER OUCH). lol. Loooovvvveeeee this stuff!

Suzzette D.
So glamorous!

I apply this right over my black eyeliner and it gives you a pretty sparkle. Apply then wait for it to dry before you go fluttering your lashes lol. If gold looks better on your skin, go for the gold... silver just so happens to look good on me sooooo... I love this stuff! The applicator makes it VERY easy to apply and keep a straight line! Love this!

Lynn R.
so sparkly
Photo of product included with review by Lynn R.

I have this in silver and gold. I like to wear them around the holidays because they are so sparkly. They last a while too. In the picture they are the two sparkly colors next to each other haha