Perfect Wear Eyewriter Liquid Eye Liner


Tiffany V.
Favorite Liquid Liner

The liner brush is a bit thicker, think more sharpie than flimsy thin brush. I love it and it actually does last all day. It's great to apply over and under false eyelashes.

Mary S.

Avon's Perfect Wear Eyewriter is a felt tip and well style liquid eyeliner. I'm reviewing the shade Evening Black. It retails from Avon for about $8, but can frequently be found on sale. This was my first liquid liner and has been my go-to for several years. I've gone through atleast 5 of them. Packaging is very similar to the Revlon Color Stay liquid liner, which I haven't tried. I like the line of the bottle, its very sleek. This liner has a felt tip that starts out thick and tapers to a thin point, giving versatility to the width of the lines you can create. The tip doesn't fray. This liner is impressively dark. The darkest liquid liner I have tried. Pigmentation is excellent, giving a dark black line with no grayness or watery discharge. The color applies evenly from the beginning to end of the line. Application is very smooth. Unlike ELF's Liquid Liner, you don't have to re-dip this liner frequently. I can line both eyes and get an even, dark line with a single dip. My current bottle is almost empty, so I occasionally have to double dip, but it usually still holds true to it's single dip nature. Avon claims 8 hours wear and it holds true. I can get even longer, 10 hour wear. This liner is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. It lasted through my 9 hour work days, eve when I was really sweaty. The color does fade after about 6 hours of wear, from an intense black to a soft black. It also flakes off when touched after 6 or so hours. It doesn't flake off unprovoked though. Removal is easy. As I said before this liner is not waterproof. It removes with warm water, but I usually also use remover or a wipe. Because of its non-waterproof its pretty easy to fix mistakes with a Q-Tip and some remover. Something I forgot to mention was dry time. This liner doesn't dry quite as fast as I like. It takes about 30 seconds and transfers very easily before fully dry, which can lead to a mess. Be careful with this liner in the inner corners and do not use it on the waterline. It's extremely painful and burny if you get it in your eye. Despite a few flaws, this is my favorite liquid liner. It lasts long, is well pigmented, and quite affordable if you get it on sale. I recommend it highly. I plan to keep this as part of my routine for a long time.

Diana D.
Not Bad

I love this liner for its color and the easy applications! But when I try fixing it with a q-tip and makeup remover it flakes easily :( the liners not bad and it stays on all day I just don't like the easy flaking

Brandy W.
good for drawing designs

I used it on my eyes and didn't last long.I like to do "war paint" for roller derby and the felt tip is awesome for doing stars or whatever shape u want.When u use it on ur face it last FOREVER and its a pain in the butt to scrub off ur face.if u check out my roller derby photo on here u will see my use for it.I wouldnt recommend it as an eyeliner and if ur into drawing stars on ur face then buy it,its a good cheap alternative if u don't want to spend extra money just draw on ur face lol.